You are currently viewing Areesha’s Engagement Event Preparations – Muaz and Maana – Ali’s anger, Love lane Love Tale episode 5
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Areesha’s Engagement Event Preparations – Muaz and Maana – Ali’s anger, Love lane Love Tale episode 5

The Love Lane Love Tale 5 Episode

Muaz was in the air, how lovely would be that morning when I will see Maana beside me. Muaz didn’t know the reason for excitement and his thoughtfulness about Maana but he really really wanted to marry her.

Areesha was all set for an engagement Event and ceremony

Areesha was all set for the engagement ceremony after saying yes to her parents for Haseeb. Haseeb’s family kept on coming to Areesha’s place. Today, Areesha went with Haseeb to the jewelers and designers’ shop. Haseeb wanted the engagement ring of Areesha’s choice, that’s why he took her with him.

Previously, Areesha never felt so special but with Haseeb, she was feeling so fortunate. Ali was coming into her mind but as a good memory. Areesha had no regrets on leaving Ali. ( The poor girl didn’t know that Ali was a party boy and believed in having just random affairs )

Areesha was also worried that how would Ali react after her engagement ceremony.

Haseeb: See this white gold ring with diamonds? Haseeb drew her attention towards engagement ring.

Areesha : Yes, it’s delicate.

Haseeb : I have to buy you an engagement dress as well, I want you to look best on our engagement event.

Areesha: Thanks, I would love to wear the dress of your choice – I leave it on you. Let’s see how is your choice.

Haseeb : That would be my pleasure, I want each and everything by your choice.

Areesha: thanks.

Areesha and Haseeb had a great time, they did engagement shopping bought an engagement ring and some dresses. Areesha was having dinner with Haseeb when Ali’s sister Maana saw Areesha with Haseeb.

Maana came to the restaurant with her class fellow Sami. Areesha tried to hide her face but that went in vain. Maana in split seconds assessed the scenario. She realized that Areesha had found a guy. Maana was impressed by Haseeb’s personality and was feeling sad for Areesha and Ali.

Maana Knew that they were too close, yes it is true that Areesha was a traditional girl who didn’t have any physical relationship with Ali but to a certain extent, they were close when it comes to sharing life’s happenings.

Maana thought about both. Why didn’t Areesha told Ali about her engagement? Maybe it’s not finalized yet but why???

Maana was constantly questioning herself about Areesha’s engagement event or wedding. On the other hand, Areesha was afraid of Maana, she didn’t want her to greet her in front of Haseeb. She also didn’t post anything about her engagement on Instagram and social media deliberately because the purpose was to hide it.

Like many girls, Areesha decided to change her contact details and everything after her official Engagement event. She was already not talking to Ali.

Ali was also busy with her time past friend Samia. It was a great time for Areesha to move on but Ali didn’t know he’s going to lose his love because he was unaware of his feelings for Areesha.

Maana’s reply came,

Hey Ahmad,

It’s too early to say anything about love. I think you even didn’t know what you have said. I can only say we can be good friends. After that “friendship” relationship I will think about love. It’s too early.

PS: We can meet!!


Maana sent message on Instagram.

Ali : Hey Maana?

Muaz got attentive right after hearing Maana’s name ( he wanted to hear their conversation )

Maana: Hey partner where are you?

Your friend has fetched her match!!

Ali : Who are you talking about I have tons of friends.

Now, Muaz got more frustrated, What if Maana recognizes me!!

Damn, I did the blunder.

Maana: Lol your favourite one Areesha, I saw her outside with a guy. She was shopping , eating and talking with him.

Ali : Hell no!! Areesha doesn’t ever take gifts and asks for shopping and stuff.

Maana : Dude that’s why I am saying it was some official date. He seemed to be her fiance.

Ali : Ohhhhh!! By the way she’s away for quite some time. High chance she’s engaged. Ali turned off phone .

Muaz after hearing Areesha’s name got satisfied. Thank God!! She has no idea about me.

Ali : How typical of these girls , all they need is to find a perfect match, my foot.

The proposal, Engagement Rings, Engagement event, wedding events, classy lifestyle, kids, and money and they are all ready to go after a guy!!

Isn’t it brutally being materialistic???

Ali was losing control after hearing this news and Muaz expected this reaction. Ali was obsessed with Areesha but he never wanted to accept it.

Muaz : What’s bad in it?

At least the guys you are talking about have the guts to marry a girl and give her a name, who are you? just another random guy?

Muaz wanted to show the mirror to Ali. It was Areesha who moved on, had it been any silly girl, she would certainly have ended up with suicide.

Ali : Oh I forgot you belong to that same typical mindset who loves to buy an engagement ring or a wedding dress for wife or fiancee. Absolutely Rubbish.

Muaz : I think like typical Pakistani dramas or Bollywood film stories , you need to drink or must listen sad songs.

You must vent it out, its good!!

Ali : Hmmm. I am just shocked how these girls change paths, they switch within days as if Marriage is the only deal.

Muaz: Relax, I am going to market to get all my stuff. You also tell me what you need. Everything should be with us, it’s hard to find stuff when you are on duty.

Ali: I will text you, right now leave me alone. Ali took her cigarette and lighter and sat on terrace.

He was not expecting Areesha to do this, they had countless long drives together in Lahore. They had seen the whole of Lahore together. Ali used to hold Areesha’s hand and they used to have long drives with music.

Muaz reads Maana’s message

Muaz was in the store doing shopping when he saw Maana’s message.
Hmmm, so we can meet!

Muaz was very happy but after seeing Ali’s attitude Muaz got afraid of Maana, what if Maana rejects me??

No, she can’t I have a good personality and good conduct.

He was hopeful….. Hope is another name of life..

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Fatima Ware
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