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Rainbow of love

Rainbow Of Love – She was missing Family and cousins

Before social media earnings, they were already pretty good but after all this revolution they became too wealthy and well off. She was thinking about her cousins ‘ family, they were kind people too, she was having a good time with them but she was missing her family. Her days were passing quickly and smoothly here in the UK.

Mashal’s family background was also good and both of her brothers were in good positions, one was a surgeon and the other was a civil engineer. She was missing her brothers a lot. Ahad started liking Mashal, he had developed feelings for her but he didn’t tell anyone and secretly started stalking her, Mashal felt his eyes on her as her six sense was too sharp. Maira was a sweetheart of the family, she took care of all family members and she was a modern fashion blogger.

Mashal and Maira got very close with each other because of her sweet nature, her days were passing smoothly due to her cousin Maira. Whenever Ahad came home he used to stare at Mashal which she knew but didn’t show it to anyone and completely ignored. Maira once caught his brother Ahad red-handed when he was looking at Mashal so Ahad took a promise to hide it from others as he was not sure that if it is a temporary feeling or proper love. Mashal was loving her time with her cousins but she was missing family.

After a month Mashal came back home and took admission in MS as her result came and she got busy with studies but still she was thinking about her cousins, her days were passing smoothly in Pakistan. She was missing her cousins badly after coming back.

Initially, she told all the stories of her UK trip to her all family members that they got fed up but then she forgot everything after university’s tough routine. Whenever she used to get the time she used to watch her cousins daily vlogs and all other stuff, she realized later that, not only she used to miss Maira as she was her cousin sister and close friend but she was also badly missing someone else which she didn’t want to admit.

Ahad’s age was 28 and Maira was 26 and Zain was 24. Ahad used to miss Mashal a lot then and he realized that it’s not a temporary feeling he really loves her he suddenly planned a trip to Northern areas of Pakistan, he told this to his mother Fozia. She got surprised that for the first time ever in life he got so much excited for Pakistan otherwise he was a very busy person he has a 9 to 5 routine to follow but Maira knew the inside story, she knew everything and stared at him with meaningful eyes and started smiling.

Mashal came back from university when her mother Rabia told her that Ahad is coming to visit northern areas of Pakistan. For a minute, her heart skipped a beat she felt loved but hide her feelings. She was happy, she couldn’t believe that’s her wish is coming true, seeing Ahad was another level of pleasure for her. She really wanted to see him but she didn’t know if he is coming with the same feeling. They both were shy, during her UK stay, they didn’t even exchange normal thoughts with each other about anything but definitely, Mashal came to know about his simple and decent way of living. He was not a flirt and party-type person. Mashal was thinking about her cousin Ahad more than anyone.

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