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The love lane

What the Future Holds for them, The Love Lane – Love tale – Last Episode

The Love Lane – Love tale – Last Episode

Areesha came to know, how to find a happy ending to her love life. She thought that it is good to clarify everything before starting a new life, we don’t know what the future holds for us, the least humans could do is to keep their matters fair and clear. She wanted to do the same earlier but couldn’t do it in fear and confusion.

Well, this time she was confident about her decision. She called Haseeb and told him to pick her up.

Haseeb was happy and he also got to know about the fact that life can’t be lived without real happiness and it only comes after trusting loved ones. He was working on getting the happy ending in life. It is possible only when you make your relationships on the basis of truth.

Maana was already waiting when Muaz picked her up.

Maana : Hi , handsome

Captain Muaz: You are looking absolutely stunning Maana, you are beautiful but every time I see you, you look new.

Maana : Stop this buttering, you just make me happy for no reason.

Captain Muaz: No, it’s not like that, Maana, I never got attracted to any girl but when I first saw you at your home, I was constantly staring at you and after that, I unconsciously started thinking about you and started liking you at that time I didn’t even know what future holds for me or for us, I thought about you, you are that important to me.

Maana just kept on looking at Muaz, she didn’t know someone is loving her with such dedication or at least was thinking about her for so long. Maana was just an over-ambitious girl who wanted to have a fun life and hangouts with friends, she was turning 24 but Marriage was never her plan, after talking to Captain Muaz and knowing about his feelings for her, she melted. Especially, after seeing his caring nature.

Captain Muaz : Where?? Muaz waved his hand in front of Maana’s eyes.

Maana : Nowhere, I was thinking that I am indeed lucky to have you.

Captain Muaz : No, I am lucky. Hey Maana??

Maana: Yes?

Captain Muaz : I was thinking, how would Ali react to our relationship?

Maana: Forget about him, he’s a loser. I don’t care about him. I am already very embarrassed. I thought he will talk to Mama for Areesha before her engagement and the same were Areesha’s thoughts but he simply played with Areesha. I am super proud of Areesha, at least she chose her happiness. Poor guy he still doesn’t know what the future holds for him because he is a nonserious guy.

Captain Muaz: Relax, relax you know he’s my best friend and I can’t hear this much against him, yes, I know he was wrong but trust me he’s changed now and I’m sure he will have a fair share of love in future. Just pray for him.

Maana was flying high up in the sky after getting hitched with Muaz, Muaz was this caring she almost cried. From Daddy to Mama to Ali, she had never seen this much care and love.

Muaz and Maana reached the restaurant in Lahore where Haseeb and Aleesha were already waiting for them.

Haseeb came early to pick Areesha. Haseeb was actually excited to see Areesha as his mother was not allowing him to visit Areesha’s house before their wedding.

Captain Muaz : Hi, I’m Captain Muaz, I am Maana and Ali’s old friend.

Haseeb : Hi, this is Haseeb. Heard about you, already and nice meeting you.

Maana: Actually, meetings with Areesha were pending because I wanted to congratulate her on her engagement, I was having exams previously.

Areesha : It’s okay Maana, you did send me prayers in message.

Maana : Haseeb, me , Areesha and Ali are old friends. And literally, these two shared a nice friendship later on Areesha, me and Ali got busy in our studies. We used to meet up and hang out and snapping was quite a fun and a natural thing between us. Yesterday, my stupid brother has confessed that he used those snaps to destroy Areesha’s relationship. He said, not because he loves Areesha and wanted to marry her but why did she choose someone over him.

Haseeb, Areesha and Muaz were quite and Maana was a really good speaker.

Maana: Ali talked to me and requested me to extend his apologies to Areesha. He requested the same to Muaz that’s why we are here. Areesha forgives him and starts a new path because that’s how you will be enjoying the true colors of love. I am not advocating for my brother, for him, this punishment is enough that he has lost Muaz and me for a few days. He lost you forever. Areesha has been part of my life for a decade. We spent a lot of time together, what daddy, mama, and Ali most liked about Areesha was her respectable character. Haseeb, you are lucky to have a gem like Areesha.

Haseeb was already clear about Areesha he didn’t need any clarification. The pictures Ali sent to him were a normal thing for Ali. He had countless pictures with his friends for whom he never felt special.

Haseeb : I already know that. The only concerned I had was if Areesha is accepting me by heart or not.

Maana : I am so happy for you two.

Haseeb, Areesha , Muaz and Maana had a dinner together and they said goodbye to each other.

Haseeb: Areesha, I love you and just came to see you today, I can’t wait to see you in my home. and you know what Mama has restricted me to visit your home before the wedding.

Areesha : hahaha , I didn’t know you are that much desperate. I thought you are still angry.

Haseeb’s focus was on road, he grabbed her hand and said, ‘ really liked you when I first saw you and I thought you are the perfect match for me. At that time, Mama didn’t say yes to you but I was praying to have you inside my heart and Mama also said yes to you.

Haseeb : Areesha , you can remember Ali as a good memory, but I will always want myself to be your lover.

Areesha : Well, I love you Haseeb, this is why I did too much effort for you.

Haseeb : No, you didn’t, you were just texting in fear, it’s my mum who saved our relationship, even your friends did.

Areesha : I know, they did a lot. By the way, I did pray in Salah for you and I cried too.

Haseeb : Hahaha, okay, I believe you.


Captain Muaz: Maana, I want to ask you will you marry me? should I send my mom to your place? Only, if you will say yes, then I will tell Ali and my parents otherwise it is useless. I should know about your will before sending the proposal.

Maana : Muaz , it is yes from my side.

It is true I just talked to you to have a good friendship, I liked you. You are handsome. You are a captain in Army. Your family background is okay. I thought I will see what the future holds for me with you. I still wasn’t serious when you asked me to meet you. Whatever Ali did, and you tried to fix it up, the way you did efforts for it, you earned my heart. I don’t want to make it as soon as possible but with you, I can change my thinking because I know you are going to be with me and protect me. It’s yes from my side. You tell Ali about it. I will tell to my parents.

Captain Muaz: Maana, I was so afraid I knew that you like me but I had no idea about your answer. I still have to talk to my parents and Ali.

Maana told everything to her mama and daddy. They were a bit reluctant to know about the mediocre background of Muaz but Maana clearly said Muaz is her first and foremost happiness. Her parents got agreed and the only wait was for Muaz’s parents.


Captain Ali : You almost forgot me?

Captain Muaz : I always remembered you and wanted to tell you one thing.

Captain Ali : and what’s that?

Captain Muaz : I am sending formal proposal at your home for you sister Maana, I liked her and wanted to marry her.

Captain Ali : What??????? and how you two met?

Captain Muaz: I saw her many times with your driver when she used to pick you from college but once I came to Lahore to meet you, she opened the door. It was the time I thought I will talk to you about her. I contacted her directly on Instagram and now we are friends. She accepted my proposal as well.

Captain Ali : Bravo!! you guys didn’t even tell me. This all was happening when we were on leave right?

Captain Muaz : Trust me, I wasn’t expecting Yes from Maana

Captain Ali : You are absolutely right, man!! that’s why I am in shock , she had no plans to marry before thirty.

Captain Muaz: She said she had her mind changed after what you did to Areesha. She said that one should only invest time in the right place with the right person.

Ali got sad to hear that, what he knew about Muaz was that he was a keeper, also he was always interested in marital relationships instead of fake friendships.

Captain Ali was relieved that Captain Muaz chose Maana. Ali literally cried in Salah for his wrongdoing.


Ali and Muaz were on duty at their units when Maana and Muaz’s engagement was fixed by both the families. Ali teased Muaz on phone a lot. Muaz saw his engagement ceremony on video. Their engagement happened in the absence of Muaaz.

Haseeb and Areesha also attended their wedding. Areesha also invited Muaz, Maana, Ali to her wedding which was expected next month.

The end result of the engagement was the constant cute fights between Maana and Muaz. They felt completed. Areesha and Haseeb were happy.

Captain Ali, was left alone, he cried a lot when he heard about Areesha’s wedding. Maana told Ali that Areesha and Haseeb looked stunningly adorable together. Areesha was extremely happy.

Ali was happy in Areesha’s happiness but he just had an epiphany that he loved Areesha a lot. In these three months, he used to read Areesha’s WhatsApp messages and he used to cry. He needed a long way to get over his feeling but it didn’t seem to be easy. He couldn’t cry with Maana and Muaz both told him a lot that he loves Areesha but he didn’t pay heed to them.

Today, Muaz, Maana, and Areesha all were happy because they chose their right partners eight-time and they had seen their happy ending. Ali was unlucky he couldn’t foresee his happy ending and was left alone. It was becoming quite a tiring journey for him but every tiring journey surely has a comfortable end.

Here the story wrapped up but it’s not always the end….

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[ Guys if you want to read Captain Muaz and Maan’s fights, Areesha and Haseeb’s post-marital life, and Ali’s future, we will be writing a sequel for you, for that please comment below, so that we write its sequel ]

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