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Ali’s Ego and Superiority Complex is making him alone -The Love lane love tale Episode 11

The Love Lane Love Tale episode 11

It looked like an eye-opener for Ali. Muaz didn’t call back to Ali after what he did to Areesha, Areesha broke up with him, Maana was extremely angry. Ali was so upset about the fact that he did a lot of damage to Areesha. He knew that he still won’t marry her due to his arrogance and superiority complex.

Ali had a psychological condition where he used to think that he’s so superior, he’s the guy every girl wants to be with. He did behave as per his psychological condition. Ali had always been a player. There were four to five girls with whom Ali was involved but he never desired to marry them.

Muaz was extremely upset about Areesha, he was continuously thinking to help her but it was not possible without Maana.

Muaz decided to go to Lahore for a weekend. Maybe he, along with Maana could save Areesha. Ali is not at all worth marrying, he’s not marriage material so Areesha needs to be protected from Ali’s evil plan.

Muaz knew the mentality of men, he could see Areesha in trouble after her leaked photographs with Ali. Ali’s act was unjustifiable.

Muaz had decided to tell Maana about his reality that he’s Ali’s coursemate and a very good friend and what he did to Areesha in his superiority complex.

In next hour Muaz was reporting to unit to inform about his weekend holiday.

Maana decided to talk to Muaz about Ali’s evil act with Areesha. She wanted to save Areesha’s relationship with Haseeb. She was also having a guilt trip that she informed Ali about her engagement.

Maana knew that Ali has been spoiling girls’ lives since his youth in his superiority complex. He did the same during his college days. Ali only didn’t get time to play with girls during his college days when he was very busy and had no communication with girls due to strictness in Academy.

Maana was also a modern girl who has many friends but she was never a player, Maana only uses to have the company of male friends that too in group form. She was highly against dating two or three. She never appreciated playing with emotions, yes she wasn’t serious about marrying. Maana always remained in her male friend’s community but never lost grace. Ali was becoming a Casanova and Maana had to stop it, being his sister.

Ali’s superiority complex was making him alone. His friends started parting ways with him.

-The Love Lane-Love Tale Episode 11

Ali called Muaz who didn’t pick his phone up. Muaz was clear that he won’t talk to Ali until he will resolve Areesha’s matter.

Haseeb why are you not replying, Areesha texted to Haseeb.

Let me explain to you.

Haseeb, Ali is no where in my life and I need the chance to explain to you.

Areesha sent three consecutive messages to Haseeb.

Haseeb read all the messages.

He liked Areesha and was pretty much convinced about forgetting Ali’s ugly episode but he wanted Areesha to love him, He was really missing Areesha’s love expression. She wasn’t expressive but formal with Haseeb and it was the reason why he believed Ali that easily. Haseeb didn’t mind about those casual clicks of Areesha with Ali but yes, Areesha did live those moments of her life.

It was true that those pictures were the true manifestation of friendship and understanding which Areesha never built up with Haseeb. Still, Areesha was intimidated by Ali but after his evil act and increased superiority complex, she started hating him. Now, she started feeling love for Haseeb but she was hesitant to express it. On the other hand, Haseeb wanted her love to be expressive.

Areesha only marries me if you will love me truly, madly, and deeply. Don’t play with my emotions. Please, call off this engagement if you really love someone else. If not, then inform me, but please leave me alone for days.

Haseeb sent a long note to Areesha on WhatsApp.

Maana And Muaz First Meeting

Maana was waiting for Muaz in restaurant , they were about to meet. Muaz was picking up flowers from nearby shop.

Maana was dressed up in blue jeans and a pretty yellow top. She tied her hair in a messy bun. Maana was looking beautiful and she knew that.

Muaz spent a lot of time dressing up and he was looking stunner as well. Undoubtedly, Muaz was looking handsome when Maana saw him, she kept on seeing him and it was for the first time she became speechless, the bouquet of flowers almost slipped from her hands when Muaz gave it to her after saying Hi. Muaz also couldn’t blink his eyes for a moment. Maana was so lovely. He was just staring at her. Have a seat please, said Maana.

Muaz : Sure

Maana: How was your journey?

Muaz : It was good, took me 5 hours to reach Lahore.

Maana was puzzled as did she had seen Muaz somewhere but it was hard to recall the moment .

Muaz: You are stunningly beautiful and I can’t get my eyes off you.

Maana : Thankyou. Maana was shy after listening such embracing words for her self.

Muaz : Maana I know it’s weird, it’s our first date but I really want to discuss something serious.

Maana : Yes, do share it please. ( Maana got inquisitive )

-The Love Lane-Love Tale Episode 11

Ali kept on smoking and was thinking about Areesha it was the weekend he went to Abbottabad which was the nearest stop for him for spending the holiday.

He thought about that aunty whom he met.

Well, she must be the perfect person to talk about this matter as she is anonymous to me and maybe she suggests something good, thought Ali.


Ali was on Safina Aunty’s door in next few minutes.

He rang the bell and was waiting when a beautiful girl with long wavy brown hair opened the door.

Ali : Hi, I am Ali.

Shanzey : Sorry, I don’t know you.

Ali : Is it Safina Aunty’s house?

Shanzey : Yes, but who are you.

Ali got puzzled for the first time in life by a girl , his superior complex died down for a second.

Ali : I met her in mall, I dropped her home.

Shanzey : Oh , so you were that person who dropped her home, now why you came here?

Ali : I wanted to say hi to her.

Shanzey: She is not home ( Shanzey wasn’t rude but had to be because she knew that her mom is fetching guys for her and Ali seemed to be one of those preys.

(to be continued )

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