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Fell in Love Again Episod#4 Haniya going through severe depression

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Meher went to open the door for Haniya’s mother who was at the door with a tray having tea, paratha, and omelet. Meher took the tray and thanked her and brought it to the bed where Haniya was sitting. Meher told Haniya to have some breakfast but she refused while saying that she was not hungry. On her darling friends insist Haniya had a little breakfast. Meher had planned to take Haniya with her shopping, after seeing Haniya in that situation she canceled her shopping plans. In the evening Meher went back to her home, while Haniya started cleaning the house because she had not done it in the morning.

Days past and finally the day arrived when Meher and Haniya got their graduation result. As usual, Meher got an A grade in her graduation exams, and to Haniya’s surprise, she got a B grade which she wasn’t expecting at all. After three months there was a smile on Haniya’s face as she was happy with her grades. Meher was so excited because she was going to Lahore for her Master’s degree. Haniya had not planned what she was going to do in life then. Her only dream was torn apart and broke into pieces as Taimoor left her alone. Haniya was not able to forget his beloved Taimoor and there were days when she used to miss him. She had sleepless nights and used to cry a lot when she remembered the days spent with Taimoor.

severe depression and panic attacks
severe depression and panic attacks

Haniya’s parents were very worried for her, from the last few months she had become very weak and depressed. Everyone in the family was aware that she was going through severe depression but no one had known the reason except Meher. When asked Haniya about her health she used to give fake reasons that no one believed on. She was not taking care of herself that was negatively impacting her health and her face had turned into a pile yellow. Haniya’s father even took her to a psychiatrist but there was no positive result, Haniya herself was not interested to come back to life. She even had panic attacks during all those months due to severe depression. Doctors had warned her parents to take care of her as she was not recovering from her severe depression.

On a Monday morning when Haniya was drying her clothes outside in the garden, Taimoor’s mother suddenly appeared from the left side and entered the gate where she was standing. After seeing her there she was jammed at her place and was thinking why she was there at their home. Taimoor’s mother asked Haniya about her mother, she was about to reply when her mother appeared there. They greeted each other; Haniya was continuously staring at her.  Haniya’s mother offered her to go inside the house to have tea but she refused and handover a card. She told Haniya’s mother that her beloved son Taimoor is getting married on Sunday. After hearing this Haniya was totally lost and her feet were shivering and her throat had become dry. She was not able to breathe properly. She had a severe panic attack and had become stagnant at her point…