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The love lane

Confession of love lane.The love lane – love tale Episode 13

The love lane – love tale – Episode 13

Safina : Son, the best thing is to do the confession in love, with your friends, if you are embarrassed so that you can be on normal terms. In my opinion, you should apologize, without thinking of being forgiven.

Ali : What if my ego is not allowing me to say sorry?

Safina: Son a lot of things need to be sorted out at the right time otherwise they create bigger problems and I hope you want a happy life in the future and it comes with managing good terms with friends and loved ones.

Ali was relieved to listen the solution of his problem but he was reluctant about confession, probably he wanted to confess his love as well but it was too late.

The hardest thing in his life was to accept his mistake because his mom and dad have never taught him to accept his mistake. They had every reason to fulfill his desires. Ali was raised typically by rich parents. Muaz and Haseeb were taught to respect relationships and to keep friendships.

Ali was feeling lonely, while getting out of the house he saw Shanzey sitting in the lawn reading some book.

How rude is this girl, she didn’t even talk to me?

Her ignorance had now become another pain for Ali because he could not bear her rude attitude, not only this but Shanzey also saw him and turned her face on the other side.

Ali actually used to do the same with people and now a girl has done that to him. Even his girlfriend Samia who was quite a rude girl never refused his company and this girl. Ali had not much time to think about it but still, the girl hurt his ego so bad.

Shanzey was a beautiful tall and skinny girl. she was wearing PJs when he came to her place. Shanzey seemed to be a fearless and confident girl like all other doctors. She didn’t have time to think about people like Ali.

Shanzey got the idea why her mother has brought this new character in her house.

Previously, Shanzey rejected three of her mothers’ discoveries.

Maana : Hi Areesha,

This is Maana, how are you?

Areesha : I am fine Maana, You tell?

Maana : Listen, is everything fine at your side?

Areesha : Yes everything is fine.

Maana: I mean, I know what Ali has done to you, me and Muaz are of the view that we should actually talk to your fiance.

Areesha: You guys should keep quiet, don’t create a mess. Haseeb was upset and discussed everything with me. He is a very understanding person.

Maana: Look Areesha, I am extremely sorry. On behalf of my brother I’m apologizing. I am very much disturbed.

Areesha: Look Maana, firstly it can’t be revert back to normal, now I have to put a lot of effort into my relationship with Haseeb.

Maana: I understand that’s why Muaz wanted us to talk to your fiancee, he wanted to tell him that it was done by Ali as revenge and he also wanted to convey to him that how much psycho he is.

Areesha : Please, don’t contact Haseeb but if he will not be satisfied about the matter, then I will talk to you guys about it.

Maana : Thanks.

Areesha : Maana I want to tell you please don’t ever be like your brother he’s an egoistic person. Please don’t be like him. Don’t ever lose true love, if you find it in life. ( Areesha while writing the last sentence started crying because it was her who knew how much time and emotions she invested in her relationship and friendship with Ali )

Areesha cleaned her tears, washed her face, and selected a beautiful dress. She did a little make-up. In Areesha’s mind, she was expecting Haseeb to come.

The ball rang. Areesha went fast to see Haseeb was parking his White car outside Areesha’s Gate.

Haseeb got in, after Areesha opened the gate.

Haseeb : Hi ( Haseeb saw Areesha and and kept on seeing her beauty for a minute until she replied )

Areesha : Hi, How are you?

Haseeb : I am fine. ( Haseeb took his eyes off Areesha after her greeting )

Areesha : Mummy was waiting for you.

Haseeb : Why weren’t you waiting for me?

Areesha : I was also looking for you…, please come in.

( Haseeb saw Areesha and got inside the drawing room)

Haseeb was sitting in the drawing room and waiting.

Areesha : Please have it, Areesha brought juice for Haseeb.

Haseeb was looking at Areesha because she was looking too pretty.

Haseeb: I wanted to ask you about this relationship clearly, did your parents ask from you before announcing this engagement?

Areesha: Why aren’t you believing that I met you to know about you. We met, I saw you, I liked you. I thought that you will be a good companion. I liked you, I loved uncle and aunty.

Haseeb: Don’t you love me?

Areesha: Well, I like you and I’m sure I’m in love with you too,( Areesha was sure to show her confession of love for Haseeb ) . Your upset behavior is painful for me. I can’t bear this. I am not a culprit, so why are you behaving harshly. Ali was my friend and trust me I have no grudge against him. He is a mentally upset person who was compelled to do that but I was sad to see your behavior. You behaved like a child.

Areesha wanted confession of love from Haseeb as well, she wanted to say everything because she was craving to start relationship with his man based on truth.

Haseeb: See Areesha, I love you, my love is increasing day by day. I don’t want to be hurt in the future. Please, love Me and make me believe in that.

Areesha : Haseeb, love should not come that easily. I have been waiting for our special day.

Haseeb : What do you mean by that?

Areesha : I can’t come to you home by my self. You have to take me with you.

Haseeb : Mama is planning to take you home soon.

Areesha and Haseeb both were pleased after their meeting. Haseeb just wanted to take Areesha home but he had to wait.

(Confession of love lane.The love lane – love tale Episode 13)

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