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Just Smile in Love


This story just smile in love is about Aikaan and Faaris. It’s a love story and not a love story.
Aikaan will suffer and learn. Faaris will be part of Aikaan’s suffering. It’s a tale of hearts and the unfolding truth of life. Let’s see how Aikaan finds the real love of her life after going through her own mental tragedies. The story is about her journey towards a happy life. Stay connected for her journey.

The novel will tell you about Faris’s intense love for Aikaan which will eventually change Aikaan’s emotion for Faris. Most of all Aikaan will find many helpful people in this journey. Let’s see how would you see Aikaan, Faaris, and Leila.


(Aikaan, Faaris, Leila)

Writer: Amna Khan

Chapter 1.[ just smile in love]

Aikaan saw that same street dog again today while taking her morning walk. Like always she couldn’t ignore his wailing. She gave him a loaf of bread and tried to comfort him by patting him softly and he was comforted. He stopped wailing and started eating eventually. Aikaan happily resumed her walk and turned around many times just to see the dog relaxed.
And like every other day Faris was observing Aikaan, sitting on the bench near, and pretending to totally engage in the book he was holding. Aikaan anyhow never paid any attention anywhere except doing the only thing she was best at “talking to herself.”
Today Faris was determined that he will talk to this girl, at least will say hello. He couldn’t hold this feeling of not knowing her anymore and looking at her from distance. Faaris had been observing her for many days. He used to come for his morning walk at the same time Aikaan does, at the park near her house.
After collecting all the courage in the world he could, he finally broke the ice and went near Aikaan.
She was standing near a tree, catching her breath back, putting both her hands at her waist. For a moment Faris was stoned…
He saw her closely for the very first time.
Aikaan looked at Faris and raised her eyebrows “Yes?”
“May GOD protect me from these dazzling eyes” (Faris ejaculated)
Excuse me? (Aikaan felt strange)
Faris picked his water bottle up and left without another say… Aikaan saw him leave and murmured to herself “weird.”

Aikaan was a very strong woman ( she wanted to have a happy love life and wanted to smile in love). She was the elder daughter of Malik’s. She had two other siblings. Her father had a business of kid’s toys export and like usual women, her mother was a housewife. All her siblings were studying in the same school she passed out from four years back. Aikaan was one of those introverted girls who will never speak until necessary and whose friends’ parents will always see Aikaan as a perfect daughter and will tell their girls off to be like her in every matter possible. Although she always had this void in her heart… She used to experience this utter sadness which occupied her usually. She was never a party girl who would go out usually with her friends instead she preferred staying at home reading, baking, and talking to herself. She never believed in love stories or any stories related to love but she was about to experience one. [ just smile in love]

Faaris you’ll be late for university!
Wakeup already.

Stop shouting Leila. I’m up already. Just give me 10 minutes.

(Leila was Faaris’s younger sister who he used to drop to college while going to university. As she was very punctual unlike Faaris and never wanted to be late for college, she used to wake Faaris up in time. Faaris and Leila lost their mother at Leila’s birth and their father married another woman after two death anniversaries of their mother. They lived alone in this house with their nanny Azra who brought them up like her own children. Their father paid for their daily needs, bills, tuition fees, and the rest of the expenditures and freed himself from fatherly responsibilities. In his point of view paying for his children’s living was enough. Faaris and Leila never experienced father’s love.)

Faaris was waiting for Leila in the car when he started thinking about the same woman he has been following and he didn’t even know her name. He wanted to see her soon again but he knew that she will visit the park again on Saturday morning only. He still has to wait for a day… He still has to think about what to say when he will finally see her again… Will he run out of words again? Faaris was such a confident guy that he could bluntly stand up to any girl and literally say anything but he was confused and mystified in front of her.

Let’s go Faaris!
Coming back to reality Faaris started driving tossing all the memories of that woman in his mind.
“Love happens when you even don’t expect it and even happens whom you least expect it with.”

Faaris couldn’t get his eyes off her. She was wearing blue sleek trousers with a white long top. Her hair was tied in a bun and her skin was as smooth and shiny as butter. She was walking at her normal speed. Not fast neither slow…

Faaris started walking behind her, after few minutes … She suddenly turned around and asked.

“Are you following me?”

“Are you talking to me?”

“Aren’t you the same guy who behaved really weird that day?” What do you need?
“Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart you feel as if you’ve met them before?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve never left my mind since the day I first saw you.”

Aikaan started walking as fast as she can and in no time started running outside from the park.

Faaris kept standing there feeling like a total idiot, snubbing himself for what he has said. He couldn’t lift his foot for a long time. He had a tornado of thoughts running in his mind right now. He didn’t even know what he wanted to say to her until he saw her and now he was feeling stupid.

[ Faaris was hopeful, he wanted to love Aikan, he wanted to have a lovely life and just wanted to smile in love]

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