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How Ali contacted Areesha through Facebook Message, The Love Lane Love Tale Ep 10

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Episode 10 – The love lane Love Tale

Fareeda: I can’t do that you better be prepared for marriage with Areesha

Haseeb : But mama I am not interested.

Fareeda: Look son, It is normal to like someone. People do come across in our lives whom we think we can get along with but things don’t work out well, probably same has happened with Areesha, it doesn’t give another person the right to name and shame. You had many girlfriends with whom you didn’t marry. You had pictures with your friends back in your University days.

Haseeb : Mama!! ( Haseeb stared in Anger and helplessness)

Fareeda: What Mama? I am right. You think it is that easy, why would I face embarrassment because of your illogical behavior. I didn’t train you like this. I am ashamed of you.

Fareeda was extremely angry at Haseeb.

Fareeda: Anyway, I am calling Areesha and I am taking her wedding shopping. You tell, you want to take us or should we go with the driver.

Haseeb : You better go with driver. Haseeb was feeling helpless even his mama wasn’t listening to him….

( Will not talk to Areesha that easily, she should apologize me, thought Haseeb)

Ali was constantly trying to contact Areesha, he wanted to tell Areesha that how much he likes her but there was no way to contact her.

Areesha, Areesha pick the phone or even reply.

Areesha saw Ali’s message on Facebook. He contacted her through Facebook message.

Hi, Areesha, listen how could you do that. Firstly, you started ignoring me, then you were completely disappeared when I was in operational areas. When I came back, I got the news of your engagement. I did this all in anger. Please do unblock me from Whatsapp and Phone. I contacted you through this Facebook message. Listen we should be back together. It’s been more than ten years since we are friends, will you forget me??

Do reply.

Your friend Ali.

Areesha decided to reply through a Facebook message.


Ali, First of all, don’t call me your friend. Ali, I used to love you a lot. I wanted to marry you. I proposed to you many times. Every time when I asked about marriage, you refused me. You said to enjoy every moment of life. Marriage isn’t your plan. You offered me world tours instead. You said to be with you. What wrong did I do? Wasted my ten good years for you so that you will change and propose to me once?

All I want is to get settled with a man who has the guts to give me love and respect. Replying to you last time through a Facebook message. I have seen you have done worst. Even if I don’t marry my fiance, I will not be back to you, you are exposed.

I will always regret on my friendship with you.



Ali Reads Areesha’s long goodbye note

Her Facebook Message ended so was the chapter of Areesha from Ali’s life. Ali read the message so many times. He was still in disbelief of what has happened because he did it right as per his perspective which resulted in a chat situation.

What to do? Should I tell this all to Maana?

Yes, I will tell her.

( Ali was contented now )

Muaz : Hey girl how are you?

Maana : I am fine, you tell?

Muaz : I was busy in office.

Maana: Muaz where are you posted?

Muaz : It’s confidential now a days, will tell you when I will come to Lahore.

Maana: When will you come to Lahore, Muaz I don’t want to make it a long-distance relationship. Remember I want to meet you. These chats, calls, and Facebook messages aren’t enough.

Muaz: I know, I also want to neet you and soon it is expected Maana. Once I will be back from the operational area, we will meet frequently. I don’t appreciate these long-distance relationships.

Maana: Okay.

It was true that Maana was a bold girl, she used to hang out with her class fellows. She had male friends as well but since she started talking to Muaz she stopped going outside with friends.

Areesha spent the whole day with Fareeda aunty on shopping and was quite relieved after seeing her behavior. She’s not gonna call off the engagement, thought Areesha.

Fareeda aunty only talked about Haseeb, her focal point of discussion was how to keep Haseeb Happy.

Areesha got the idea that Haseeb had definitely shown his anger with his mother. Whatever was the issue she didn’t want to know, she was happy that Aunty was not upset with Areesha.

Areesha was really embarrassed after Ali’s episode but now after hearing Fareeda aunty’s advice about keeping Haseeb happy, she was determined to win Haseeb’s trust.

Fareeda aunty said it might look difficult but you have to keep on reminding Haseeb that how important he is for you.

Areesha got this point, after his anger Areesha didn’t call Haseeb which was her negligence.

Ali : Hey partner how’s you?

Maana: Fine, how about you ?

Ali : Listen I have to talk to you about something important.

Maana : Yes!!

Ali: That day you told me about Areesha’s engagement, it was true, she got engaged to a software engineer Haseeb and you know what?

Maana : What?

Ali: I gathered information about him and sent him all my pictures with Areesha on Whatsapp and Facebook messages.

Maana : What???

Are you in your senses?

What did you do?

Ali : I wanted to punish her , she betrayed me

Maana : Ali, you’re sick. I just can’t believe that you can go to this extent?

How embarrassed I am, I should have not told you about it.

Ali: Now only you can advocate me in front of Areesha. Please say her to forgive me. Ask her to come back to me.

Maana: Never Ali, she shouldn’t forgive you and coming back to you will be her biggest ever mistake .