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heart break I Fell in Love Again

How Haniya was suffering in love & from heart break, I Fell in Love Again Episod#3

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Haniya was pretending that it must be a dream and nothing has happened. She didn’t want to accept the reality that the apple of her eyes has dumped her and has given her heartbreak. Struggling with her heart break and mix-up feelings she was already in a deep sleep.

With the ring of her phone, Haniya got up from her deep sleep. For a while, she was unconscious as she got disturbed from her deep dream. She just checked her phone and it was Taimoor who was constantly calling her, as he was thinking that she must not have done something bad with herself. There was a sudden pain in her heart and she was experiencing something heavy on her heart. She just remembered that what has happened to her last night.

With a heavy heart, she just picked up his call and asked what he wants from her then. There was a pain in Taimoor’s voice and asked about her and told how worried he was for her. Haniya’s answer shocked him as she pretended to be fine and said goodbye and warned him not to call her again. After dropping his call she was not able to control her tears and started crying. She herself was not aware how much she was in pain and was suffering in love & from her heart break.

Heartbreak I Fell in Love Again

It was 10 am in the morning when someone was knocking on the door. Haniya was in the washroom and replied that she was coming in a while. She did a little makeup to not show anyone that she had cried a lot. When Haniya opened the door her friend Meher was standing there. Seeing Haniya so weak and lost, the smile on her face vanished and she realized that something has happened with her darling friend.  Meher instantly asked Haniya what has happened to her, Haniya said nothing and pushed her inside the room and locked the door.

While sitting on the bed, Meher asked Haniya that what’s wrong with her. She said nothing, hugged her, and started crying. Meher had never seen Haniya in such pain before, her heart was melting when she saw her in that situation. She kept on asking the reason but Haniya said nothing and kept on crying.

Meher hardly stop her from crying and gave her a glass of water to bring her to normal. She was silent for a while and then told her friend about her heartbreak. She told her friend Meher every single detail that what has happened with her and how Taimoor has left her to suffer from heart break.

Meher was not able to digest this as she knows that how Taimoor was crazy for Haniya. She used to remember the days when Taimoor used to be overprotective of Haniya and took care of her and was very serious in his relationship with her. She was thinking about the reason that what has gone wrong that Taimoor has to take this mean decision and left Haniya to suffer.

They both were in a deep shock and the voice of Haniya’s mother stunned them who were calling them for breakfast….