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Love story of soldiers

The Love Story Novel 2021, The Love Lane Love Tale-Part 2

The Love story a Novel Love Lane Love Tale part 2. The Love Lane

Characters : Muaz, Ali, Maana, Areesha.Shanzay

( Muaz and Ali = Army officers )

Writer: Sidra Qureshi

Novel part 2

In first episode of our love story / novel, Captain Muaz contacted his dear friend captain Ali who was away from him. Captain Muaz was very dedicated soldier and a true friend. Captain Ali and Captain Muaz’s unit conducted joint operation against terrorist which went successful.

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Next Morning.

Captain Muaz : Today is a busy schedule at office I hope we will get free by 3 pm! ( Both Muaz and Ali Rejoined in hard area for a short span, their units were coordinated in hard area)

Captain Ali: I don’t think so, we will be free that early, but , may I know why are you so concerned about the time?

Captain Muaz : I don’t know why; but I’m getting a little lazy today.

Captain Ali : ohkay!!

Major Saram : Gentlemen! You both are assigned duties towards a danger zone. You both have to reach the area as safe as possible, right?

Guys Keep it smart; Major briefed them about all the upcoming operation.

Both Replied loudly:

Yes Sir!

There were reports of some abduction and insurgencies from terrorists which have been taken up by the military.

The area was almost cleared by Army after operations but now a days , there were reports of some terrorist activities. Now, it was under the control of the local Police. When some incident used to happen, it was usually countered through the military.

Captain Ali and Captain Muaz saw each other’s faces with a smile, it has become a daily routine to counter terrorists but that wasn’t a difficult task for them, in fact it was their wish to achieve something big while being deployed in these areas.

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Captain Ali and Captain Muaz went for the operations which went successful, there were only a few injuries to their soldiers but the good thing was that they neutralized the terrorists and released the Foreign Traveller who was abducted a couple of weeks ago. The foreigner Linda was thankful to them and later she thanked Pakistan Army in Press Conference. It was indeed Army’s achievement.

The whole area was satisfied with their courage. Both the captains were also granted the leaves. They were happy with the achievement of the mission.

On the same night, a celebration event was arranged by the unit to enjoy the success.

Major Saram: Today we are going to celebrate the success of our soldiers who have fought valiantly.

Captain Muaz was extremely pleased, it was his mission to be part of such operations. Today, in the war zone, he was amazed to see Captain Ali’s resilience too who fought with more dedication than Captain Muaz. They all knew that this fight was the need of hour, that is why they fought it very well.

Due to the continuous deployment of forces and corps in the area, the terrorist activities were reduced , Army was the only hope for locals.

After operations now the things were pretty much normal in the area for people and so for the soldiers.

After getting free from operations, Captain Muaz and Captain Ali went on the leave and reached Abbottabad. Captain Muaz wanted to see his love interest Maana , Captain Ali was also insisting him to go with him but Muaz wasn’t agreeing. Maana was unaware of Captain Muaz’s feelings and that’s why he was avoiding the situation, he didn’t want her to know anything in his excitement or confusion

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_ _ _______

They visited a shopping mall and Captain Ali was shopping for his family and his friend Areesha when he bumped into an elderly lady whose shopping bags were dropped.

Captain Ali: oh I am extremely sorry Aunty, he picked all her bags and took aunt with him as a gesture of compensation. Ali had shifted all the bags inside the car and dropped the lady at her home.

Safina: Come on, come inside, you were a great help, today I was already so tired and I had to do the grocery .

Safina Aunty took Captain Ali inside her house.

Captain Ali stepped inside unwillingly.

Safina : Come Sit here

Captain Ali : Yes, Aunty .

Safina: Your uncle is a retired Army officer, he lost his legs during an encounter when he was major. We have two kids.

Captain Ali : Nice to know about your happy family.

(Captain Ali was being kind, what he came to know was that the lady is alone and isolated, she wanted someone to talk with, she seemed to be overworked too due to the burdens at home)

Safina was more interested to share information about her family including her daughter and son without even knowing about Captain Ali.

Safina was a brave and soft-hearted lady who has always been a great support to her family since her husband met the accident.

After a very long time, she saw a nice and obedient company so she really wanted to speak her heart out. Ali didn’t even know why was he listening to her.

Safina: Your uncle’s name is Iqbal Ali, Our daughter’s name is Shanzay she studies at Abbottabad’s medical college. My son Shavaiz is in PMA.

Captain Ali: Great! you have talented kids .

Safina: Please take tea and have some snacks.

Captain Ali : Sure .

( Captain Ali was continuously ignoring Captain Muaz’s calls, obviously, he sneaked out without telling him and now Muaz was calling Ali back ). Aunty, it’s time to leave now.

Safina: Sure son, I will wait for you and meet my family as well.

Captain Ali : Sure, Good bye.


Captain Muaz : Man!! where were you, I was continuously looking for you.

Captain Ali: I got stuck with an elderly lady ,I dropped her home, she took me inside. She has invited me to her home again.

Captain Muaz: Nice, have you started philanthropy because you are always interested in girls , romance and love story sort of happenings?

Captain Ali: I don’t know, she was so sweet, I couldn’t refuse her. And why are you saying that I’m only interested in romantic love story sort of happenings ?

Captain Muaz: Most of the time you impress me a lot, Ali. You are nice human being but you don’t look like one

Captain Ali : I keep my self this way ( Ali Winked )

Captain Muaz: You can’t be serious. ( Muaz knew that Ali is too non-serious. ( He knew that Ali loves Bollywood sort of love story happenings in life )

Captain Ali: I have three girlfriends Areesha ,Samia and Sara. You tell?


Captain Muaz: I don’t have any girlfriend, I don’t believe in having GF. If I will like someone, I will marry.

Captain Ali: Then Your future wife must be lucky for sure.

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Sana : Hey Areesha!

Areesha : Hey Sana!

Sana: Areesha I think you should get serious with Ali and you both should marry. He is a good guy.

Areesha: He seems to be a good guy and he is, as long as I know him, he’s not that kind of a person who is gonna make home, or at least with me. I know he likes me but he doesn’t think that I am that one precious person who is going to complete him. That is the reason why I am not giving time to him now. I don’t have the time to waste on him.

Sara: I didn’t know this about Ali. I thought he is serious with you, I mean the way he talks and sends messages to you.

Areesha: I know he likes me and the messages are for care but I don’t want to linger this thing.

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