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Rainbow of love

Rainbow Of Love – Why was she so excited episod#4

One day Ahad arrived in Pakistan. Mashal’s younger brother Baber went to pick him up from the airport with lots of love. Rabia was so excited to see her guests after a long time. Nobody ever came that frequently to Pakistan to visit her before that’s why she was overwhelmed when Ahad arrived in Pakistan.

Rabia was excited as one of the family members of her sister was visiting her. she made so many delicious foods like biryani, kababs, chicken karahi. Ahad thoroughly enjoyed eating as he was a food lover and also he was a dying fan of desi Pakistani cuisine. Ahad was excited to see Mashal. Mashal was also excited to see him as she was also on the same boat. they both loved each other which Ahad got to know from the spark of her eyes whenever he looked into her eyes he used to get signals from her eyes that she also has the same feelings of love for him. she wants to be with him forever. Her excitement was vivid in her eyes for the Ahad’s stay in Pakistan. She was over the moon when Ahad arrived in Pakistan.

After a week, Rabia asked her nephew Ahad about his Northern areas trip plan for which he had to arrive in Pakistan. Ahad suddenly got confused because that was just a fake plan and a reason to meet Mashal. His only interest was to meet his love. He never wanted to waste so many days in Northern areas without seeing Mashal’s ethereal beauty.

He asked Baber to join him as he knew the fact that Baber can only go for 4 to 5 days and he didn’t want to waste exessive time because of Mashal’s elder brother Rahim who was a doctor and was interested in her colleague doctor and soon was getting married to her. Rabia was preparing to visit the girl’s parents after Ahad and Baber’s swat visit. After few days they came back with good memories, they enjoyed it a lot but Ahad was thoroughly missing Mashal. The very next day Rabia aunty, uncle, Ahad, and Baber went to visit doctor Ramsha’s parents’ place for the proposal.

Mashal and Rahim stayed at home. Rahim was so curious to know what happened as they came home, they took some time, after two days they accepted the proposal and suddenly wedding preparations started as Rahim was in a hurry to get married soon. Ahad went back to the UK. Rahim insisted him to stay till the wedding but he had to join the job as soon as possible. Fozia and Maira started preparations as they were planning to attend Rahim’s wedding. Ahad with the help of Maira told her mom that he liked Mashal and he wants to propose to her, Fozia got happy and excited, she called her sister and told all the proposal story that she will ask for Mashals proposal during her Pakistan’s trip.

After a month Fozia and her Husband and Maira arrived in Pakistan at Lahore airport to attend the wedding of Rahim. Rahim picked them from the airport Rabia was delighted to see her sister and her family. They ate lunch together and after chatting for so many hours they went to their rooms for rest. Maira shared a room with Mashal and they were so happy together as Mashal and Maira don’t have any sisters so they enjoyed shopping chatting eating together and Maira told Mashal that mama will ask for a proposal for Zain. Suddenly Mashal’s face got dark, Maira laughed and said that its Ahad, not Zain, I knew you both like each other, after knowing the truth Mashal got blushed.

After the wedding, Fozia gave Ahad’s formal proposal which Rabia and the whole family accepted happily but only thing was that they never wanted to send their only daughter abroad. They were excited at the same time that Ahad is a close relative. Fozia had put a ring on Mashal’s finger in a very simple ceremony and it was decided that the wedding would be done after Mashals MS finals. After few days they came back from Pakistan Ahad was so so pleased. He got Mashal’s number from Maira, they never exchanged numbers before as Ahad was conscious of his image. Now he was excited to get her number.

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