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Ali Apologized to Everyone who was angry at him -The love lane – love tale Episode 14

Muaz was happy after knowing that Haseeb is not a cheap guy who used to break relationships on illogical misunderstandings. Maana told each and everything to Muaz about Areesha and Haseeb.

Muaz didn’t contact Ali because he wanted Ali to feel the misery of what he has done to Areesha. It could have been disastrous for Areesha and her parents if Haseeb would have called off the engagement after Areesha’s character assassination.

Captain Muaz : Hi sweetheart

Maana : Hey boy 👶

How are you?

Captain Muaz : I am fine and packing up, will reach unit tomorrow as weekend is about to off.

Maana : What? when will you get leaves by the way?

Captain Muaz : probably in few months but tomorrow I will leave after meeting you because can’t wait to see your pretty face.

Maana: Okay, tell me what should I wear, I’m so excited, that day we were worried for Areesha but tomorrow I wanna spend a memorable time with you.

Captain Muaz : You look cool in your western style dressing but I wanna see you in colorful and traditional dress.

Maana: Ohkay done.

Captain Muaz before talking to his parents wanted to ask from Maana. About his parents, he was clear that they will respect his choice. Once, his mother inquired two hours about if he’s dating any girl but he hardly convinced his mother that he is not dating any girl and not even interested but he strictly stopped his mother to search girls for him.

But how would Maana and her parents will react was still a question for Muaz.

Ali knows me but maybe after my strict stance on Aleesha’s issue, Ali won’t advocate me infront of his sister .

Muaz wanted to at least ask Maana about Marriage. He was the guy who didn’t like or support dating any girl. Muaz was clear about making strong relationships to protect them.

Same was the case about his love , he wanted to keep it proper. He was not even sure about Maana because in the end, Maana was Ali’s sister.

Captain Ali : Hey dude, where are you?

Captain Muaz : I am in Lahore, going back to my unit.

Captain Ali : Are you still angry at me?

Captain Muaz : Yes, I was angry at you. You did very wrong. How many girls’ lives will you ruin after one?

Captain Ali: Dude, that happened in anger, I know you are rightly angry at me but I will apologize to Areesha. And maybe if she will forgive me, I will think about marrying her. Of course, she can forgive me. We know each other for ten years.

Captain Muaz: She is happily engaged and her fiance is very understanding. He did nothing but deleted the pictures you sent to him. They will get married soon.

Captain Ali : Oh! How do you know?

Captain Muaz : I know it and will tell you soon why.

Captain Ali : So, it’s her loss if she’s still with a dumb guy. She should have talked to me at least.

Captain Muaz : You can’t change.

Captain Ali : I am going to apologize her, of course she will understand, I did this in her love. Wanted to get her back.

Captain Muaz : Now forget her.

Captain Ali : I know. Can you forgive me now. Okay, I will never do any bad. Now stop being angry at me.

Captain Muaz : Okay.

Captain Ali: Muaz on a serious note, I want to say sorry to Areesha.

Captain Muaz: Okay, ask you, sister. She can convey it in a better way. You keep your dumb face out of it.

Captain Ali: Yes, I got your point.

Captain Ali: Maana how are you?

Maana: I am fine.

Captain Ali: Still angry at me?

Maana: You did nothing reasonable.

Captain Ali: Hey Maana, I really want to say sorry to Areesha but she has again blocked me from Facebook, Instagram, and on the Phone as well. I am constantly trying her number. I am also reading our old chats on WhatsApp. She forgot everything that easily. I am a playboy for you all but still, I remember her. I cried for her as well. I was really sad that how easily girls move on for a household.

Maana : What’s your point?

Captain Ali : I want to say I am really embarrassed about what I did. I was angry at Areesha. What she did was bad and what I did was worst. I still love her, marrying or not, she had been part of my life for ten years. Now, you will say I realized late. Yes, I did realize late and I have damaged everything afterward.

I hope I can get solace after apologizing. I want either you, or Muaz to convey my message.

Maana : ok.

_ _

Maana : Hey Muaz, there is a shift in plan , we will be meeting Areesha and apologizing with her, okay?

Captain Muaz : Nice, I was expecting the shift in plan because Ali has discussed everything with me.

Maana : Did you tell him about us?

Captain Muaz: My love, I can’t reveal anything without your permission and acceptance.

Maana : Okay, will wait for you to pick me up, let me call Areesha.

Captain Muaz : okay sweetheart, can’t wait to see you. Muaz was so happy to think about meeting his girl. It was the time he wanted everything to happen so quickly and Maana’s love and accept a was top of it.

Maana hung up the phone but was in awe of Muaz’s words, how much respect he gives to his loved ones he keeps his relationship secret, it was a strange feeling for Maana. She knew the guys who used to discuss girls in a bad way.

Areesha ‘s words, her class fellows’ words kept on coming in her mind. She was ready to decide about her life and she couldn’t wait to see Muaz as his fiance or maybe Husband.

Muaz was ready to meet his love as well.

Areesha : Hello

Maana : Hi, Areesha!!

This is Maana, I want to meet you with someone very special. I also want to extend Ali’s apologies to you. I know that you are angry at him.

I have to meet you, please don’t say no

Areesha : ( thought something and decided to say yes). Okay, I will come to meet you guys with Haseeb, please send the location.

Areesha thought that it would be great to go with Haseeb, Haseeb will know about Maana and Ali and he will get to know about the nature of their friendship. His faith will also be restored.

Last episode tomorrow on same website. What will be Ali’s fate? Happy ending or sad ?

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