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Muaz And Maana Instagram Chat – Ali Plots revenge – Areesha falling for fiance The Love Lane Love Tale Episode 6

Episode 6 The Love Lane Love Tale

What to reply? , thought Muaz.

Muaz was extremely happy that finally, they got a start through Instagram chat which seems to be a safer way. So far, Muaz didn’t get her number but he really wanted to have her phone number for a minute-to-minute text. In the future, Muaz was supposed to go to his exercise area where he often faces signal issues.

I think I should ask her anything that doesn’t bore her maybe. Muaz actually didn’t know about Maana’s response so he was extra careful during his Instagram chat. Maana was extremely modern, cheerful, vivacious, and a firecracker sort of a girl who didn’t even talk to simple people. Muaz was an extremely simple guy. The only thing that added to his personality was his classy job. Of course, the class of a soldier is considered to be unmatched. He was a captain and he knew that it can impress Maana, it was time to disclose his job to Maana.

Maana on the other hand was extremely interested in soldiers, her brother was a soldier and her uncles were also in Army. Her Mom’s entire family was in the army which was enough to inspire her.

Muaz wrote in his Instagram chat,

” Hey Maana, I’m extremely sorry that I couldn’t reply you in time. I was busy a bit with my friends during my vacations.

I hope everything is fine at your end? I actually think about you often. Your innocent face and personality remain on my mind. You won’t believe it but I think I have a strong feeling for you, which you may call Love


waiting for your reply.

( It wasn’t Muaz’s fault Maana’s beauty was unmatched like any model or actress. She looked like a snow-white with honey-colored hair and cherry pink natural lips, she was the goddess of beauty, Muaz was also the extremely handsome tall and wheatish guy, girls use to stare and stalk Muaaz but Maana’s beauty can fade anything in this world)

Ali was extremely angry over Areesha, he had planned that he’s not gonna let her move on that easily.

Ali had already texted Areesha but it seemed that she had blocked her everywhere. Ali was now seriously thinking to contact Areesha’s fiance.

I will tell her how close Areesha was with me, we had been friends for eight years and now she has moved on, how cheap.

Oh Mr Ali, Why didn’t you marry her in this span? His inner conscience was too cruel .

You can’t give respect and name to a girl and now destroying her life, You are a loser, screamed his inner conscience.

Ali remembered that out of uncontrolled love and emotions, countless times Areesha asked him to get married but he refused every time. It is true that there were times they both were truly in love with each other but every time Ali’s cheater nature has pushed Areesha far from Ali.

Maana : Hey girls, wanna tell you something.

Ramsha : (Maana’s class fellow at NCA)

what do you want to tell?
Maana: Well, a captain has contacted me through Instagram chat.

Alaya : What, Is he really a captain or a fake account?

Maana :I think it is a real account because I am better detective than any other person. Don’t you know how much I’m cunning and clever. Nobody can dodge me.

Ramsha : Well yes , did you two talk on phone or just Instagram chat?

Maana: Oh, I didn’t call, why it didn’t come in my mind?

Alaya: You must talk to him.

Ramsha: Hey Hey just ask him, his identity will also be revealed.

Maana: Oh yes, how excited you guys have made me, ” Imagine talking to an army officer that too so handsome “

Alaya : Wow, seems like a romantic dream, just get that guy.

Alaya and Ramsha were typical friends who used to think that a handsome and well-off boyfriend or fiance is what all a girl needed and that’s why they were happy. Maana’s viewpoint was different she use to play with the feelings of boys because she had set her bar so high. She never found anyone in her class.

Maana was happy thinking about her future boyfriend.

Hey Ahmad,

Nice to hear from you, actually I thought to talk to you on phone. You have told me a lot about you. I think we should talk and meet when possible. Also, I can’t solely rely on the information you provided me.


Maana replied to Muaz’s Instagram chat.

Ali Thinks About Revenge

Hey Areesha, Come on unblock me or I will reach out to your boyfriend.

Ali was talking to himself when Muaz came.

Muaz: What happened, what are you saying?
Ali: I will take revenge on Areesha, I’m gonna contact his Bf and will tell him we are friends for eight years.

Muaz: Oh, Ali my sane advice to you is forget. The time has gone for you. I told you countless times that you talk about Areesha, you think about her you see her pictures, you were obsessed with her. If she is engaged, let her live.

Muaz got awfully angry, stupid he thinks that everything revolves around him if he’s gonna create a mess in Areesha’s life, I will save her.

Ali had already told his friends to investigate about Areesha and his fiance despite a lot of schooling from Muaz and his own conscience.

Muaz just read Maana’s Instagram chat.

Yes, Yes!!

Our time has come. Will talk to my love and hear her beautiful voice .

Muaz started writing the reply to her Instagram chat

I would love to hear your voice please tell me where should I place the call, on Instagram or on your number. Also, tell me the time.


Haseeb: Areesha tell me did you ever love in your life
Areesha: I met a lot of people in my life but I never loved them.

to be continued..

Friends if you read please do give your genuine response, reading and responding means you will grow me as a writer. Please do write a few words in comment section. All the episodes are on website

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