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Love story of soldiers

The love Lane Love Tale, The love story novel

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Part 1

The Love Lane Love Tale ( love and friendship tale)

Characters : Muaz, Ali, Maana, Areesha, Haseeb and Shanzey

( Muaz and Ali = Army officers )

The Love Lane-Love Tale


The Love Lane-Love / Love Tale story is about two soldiers Muaz and Ali who were friends, they faced different challenges in life and became more mature with time. This novel focuses on love story of both the friends who spent their academic life together. The story will mostly cater to their personal lives and less of their professional lives.
Here is how they dealt with problems in their daily lives and fetched their love interests.

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Writer : Sidra Qureshi

Captain Muaz Ahmad, a young and passionate Army officer who has been part of military for five years. Muaz, a 27 years old captain who became more refined ever since he joined Army . Muaz’s father was a government servant who was living in Lahore. His mother was a house wife and elder brother was an architect. Captain Muaz didn’t have too many friends . Ali became his friend during his training period at PMA.

Captain Ali was a happy go lucky kind of a person, by nature they were poles a part . Captain Ali was smart, rich and handsome brat . His father was always there to fulfill all his desires. Captain Ali and Captain Muaz did Intermediate from same college. Captain Ali’s nature was different from Captain Muaz. He was a play boy who was always eager to have many girl friends. Also, Captain Ali had a biggest friends’ circle.

Ali and Muaz both decided to join PMA. Ali’s parents were angry with his decision but Muaz’s parents got happy to know about him joining PMA.

Both the friends had an extremely memorable time at PMA. Ali and Muaz’s recruitment in Army was smooth because of their great academic background .

Captain Muaz was sitting and thinking about Ali and his life , he just went down the memory lane and it was surely a great ride, for the time being . He smiled and remembered good time he had with Ali. Ali actually forgot Muaz because of his tough city, his unit was in hard area and they were tackling insurgencies in that area.

Muaz phone called Ali

Captain Muaz: “Hey Captain, I had been missing you so much, I often recall our PMA days .”

Muaz was talking to his PMA’s roommate and best friend Captain Ali on a phone call. Both were from the same course but later they went to their units. (One of their course was expected together soon for which Muaz was excited).

Muaz and Ali’s friendship was exemplary , both used to have a lot of fun in the Academy. Muaz and Ali were famous for their naughty activities among friends. They invited a lot of punishment followed by the mischievous acts.

Currently, Muaz was deployed in hard area for an operation, where there was no communication, also the risk of leaking of information was high while communicating in that area, but still he wanted to know what is going on in Ali’s life. (They were not simple guys . Back in college days, they had fancy life but Army life had changed them a lot )

Now a days , Muaz was at home after a long time, he was on two days leave. Ali was also placed in a hard area and they both were serving as Captain. Both were expected to see each other in course in future which was scheduled later this year.

Captain Muaz : Ali how is everything, he further asked.

Captain Ali: I’m perfectly alright and will be reaching out to you soon because I was also missing, we had good old days, I wish those days to come back.

Captain Muaz also wanted to ask about Captain Ali and his family. He liked Ali’s family.

Captain Ali ‘s sister Maana was a lovely girl. Captain Muwz had seen Maana many times, when she used to come with her driver to pick Ali from college. Muaz had seen Ali ‘s sister many times but he never got attracted until he saw her closely. The reason of Muaz’s admiration was her pretty face and innocence .

Since childhood, Muaz used to like Ali’s sister Maana ( Maana was a beautiful girl who had white skin, brown long silky hair. Maana used to wear funky tops with jeans, she was the prettiest girl Muaz had ever seen in his entire life), but he couldn’t disclose it in front of Ali or even with his own family. He was also afraid of social pressure, he felt that going into a relationship with his friend’s sister is against social norms.

Muaz remembered the day when he went to meet Ali in Lahore and got surprised to see Maana, she opened the door for Muaz, at the first instant , he kept on seeing her flawless beauty. He asked about Ali after she opened the door.

Maana: Ali is not at home right now , who are you?, answered Maana.

Muaz : Well, I am his course mate Muaz, replied Muaz.

Please Come in! , said Maana.

Ali : No, No. I should leave as I am here to meet Ali.

Captain Muaz returned without entering home, but he could not forget that beautiful face that was in his mind constantly.

Captain Muaz was by nature a very serious guy who never got attracted towards any girl for flirt purpose, even when he was a student, he used to have serious friendship with one girl which ended soon, after seeing Maana he got inspired by her. Now he used to often think about her. Captain Muaz knew her Instagram and Facebook accounts but didn’t contact her.

The Chaos after the insurgency in the Pakistani area and Armed forces’ successful operation – The area where Muaz and Ali’s units were deployed.

Linda, an international blogger and journalist who went missing . Captain Ali and Captain Muaz’s units were deployed in different areas but the region was same. An operation was being conducted to rescue a foreigner girl Linda who was abducted by foreign insurgents.

The insurgents’ conversations

Linda was sitting scarred in the van, which was dark, all she could hear was the whispering of abductors who caught her.

Linda was a journalist who was captured by the extremists near Waziristan. The armed insurgents came to Pakistan via Pakistan-Afghan border.

While coming to tour Pakistan Linda taught some words in Urdu but it was something, she could not even understand but they were probably talking about keeping herself hostage for longer to get their wishes fulfilled by the local government or establishment.

The area was totally in control of the Army but It was abductors’ good luck who got the hold for a while, Linda was captured in the chaos while they were hiding from the troops after crossing border.

Ali was just shifted to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area along with his unit. He was a captain aged 27. The area was covered with mountains.

Captain Ali often used to remember Captain Muaz because they had spent a lot of time together. Sitting on the mountain all he used to do was to cherish his past .

It has been the third consecutive month of hardships in the area. Since they had been inducted into special forces, their duties had become riskier, the nearby areas were surrounded by the terrorist. The only mission he had, was to fight and to lay down his life, in the line of duty. Ali wasn’t a serious person but when it comes to war he was more than devoted .

Sir, would you like to have tea?, in the midst of his thoughts, said Sarfaraz (his NCB) .

Yes Sarfaraz, come here.

Sir, don’t you Miss your family here, I am missing my family a lot ?

Well, Sarfaraz it’s becoming hard to be on this rocky place without being connected to family, but you have to bear it. It was not easy for him to say this because last night they just escaped an IED blast while patrolling with the soldiers..

They were two captains, one lieutenant one major, and a Col in the unit along with the staff. The area they were in was nearby the border. It had most of the terrorist hideouts.

I think we have reached our destination; we are in Pakistan. There were local Afghans and some foreigners who were speaking in Pashto. They just reached Pakistan via border, they crossed the border along with all the weapons because all of the weapons were hidden in the vehicle and they were lucky enough to escape the border security. They also abducted Linda. They were in Pakistan now they planned to meet some of the local acquaintances here because they had to execute their mission. At night, they reached Pakistan and now were waiting to be picked up by the locals who were hiding in the mountains. The soldiers were on the patrol already. It was hard for terrorists to move in area .

The Army troops just conducted their regular patrolling but didn’t find any suspicious movement. Ali was upset about the fact that despite their regular search operations, they didn’t get any clue about the terrorists’ hideouts. He wanted an escape from the suffering of being in a warzone because of his mother. He almost forgot that he did not even greet his mother properly while he was coming back. He finally got a few days free.

The meet up of Ali and Muaz

Both Captain Ali and Captain Muaz were truly dedicated soldiers and good humans. They had spent two years in a hard battle zone where they have hardly seen their families. Both had love interests in their lives but they could not reach out to their lovers. Their love stories were not different from other people they had the same emotions, same feelings that the guys of their age, use to have but they did not get time to express their love stories to their lovers. Being in an area with zero communication it was becoming impossible for them to communicate to their beloved girls.

Captain Ali had a long term friend ( girlfriend,) named Areesha whom he used to love a lot but as a friend. But for many months, Areesha was not responding to him. She was not even texting him. Ali was really worried about Areesha

Today after a long time both Ali and Muaz have come to do some shopping in Peshawar after getting few leaves. Ali was doing shopping for himself and his friend Areesha whom he liked a lot. Yes, she wasn’t her love but was a buddy.

Captain Muaz: May I know for whom you are going to get all these clothes and jewelry?

Captain Ali: Of course, that’s for Areesha!

Captain Muaz: Yeah, the girl who might be having some other in life ( Muaz knew that initially Areesha and Ali were too close but now their love story was somehow halted.

Captain Ali: How rude are you mate.

Captain Muaz: I am not being rude, dude! be realistic!

Ali: okay I am not dying in her love, it’s just that I like her, and I remembered her, so bought these things.

Captain Muaz: Well, that is okay, but don’t spoil yourself after girls. Our mission is way ahead.

Captain Ali: Yeah, I know. (Ali too, was a dedicated soldier but he never wanted to be all dedicated in this, he used to keep his recreation alive)

Captain Muaz : And what’s the plan for dinner?

Captain Ali: let’s have something good to eat.

( to be continued… )

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