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It was her wedding day, She was looking Beautiful – Episode 9

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It was her wedding day. She was looking beautiful in that wedding gown… She thought that she will love him forever. No one could take their eyes off her. She was wearing a pearl white dress with white pearl embroidery. Faaris literally dropped his jaw when he looked at her, she was looking beautiful. Faaris thought to himself that he couldn’t think of any beauty better than her… but then he remembered that she doesn’t belong to him anymore. She has decided her way and that’s with Adam only who she loved wholeheartedly.

Despite the fact that he left her and then came back but even then she was really strong-headed in the thought that she wanted to marry Adam because she loved him and he was the only true love of her life. She liked Faaris but she never loved him. Faaris was handsome and better in every way than Adam but it doesn’t matter how strong a woman is, there is always one man in her life for whom she has a very week corner a very soft corner in her heart. She loves some man unconditionally.

She will always forgive this man for all of his mistakes and will always accept him with all of his flaws because she knows that she can’t stop loving him, she will love him forever, she will always accept him with all of his flaws no matter what. She can never ever give up on this man because she knows that she can never ever love another man like him. So did Aikaan. It was her wedding day and Faaris was sad.


Like every other guy, Faaris was upset after seeing her on her wedding day. He was sad and he never wanted to let Aikaan go because she also was one true love of his life. He went to the same coffee shop after her wedding ceremony. He drank coffee like people drink wine after being broken. He sat there till 4 am. “She was not a star… She was my whole sky.” Faaris wrote this statement on tissue paper. Leila kept calling her and he was feeling extremely uneasy now. He went back home feeling broken and heartless this night.


Aikaan on the other hand after putting a pause to her wedding ceremony and facing the tornado of this love story thought was feeling exhausted and tired. She realized on her wedding day that she is not feeling the same for this person she used to feel like anymore, maybe her suffering made her realize that love is never and was never the name of suffering but it’s the name of being kind, passionate, patient and being there for each other always above everything. It never was the name of suffering but love itself. Faaris loved her unconditionally and she knew now that Faaris loved her the same way she loved Adam, in fact, more. He let her go for the sake of her happiness which she would never ever have even imagined to do.


Hey Faaris,
Can I come over? (Faaris received Aikaan’s text)

He was shocked because it was her wedding day, how could she come? Why would she want to come over at this hour and especially when she is with her husband and it was her wedding day.

Are you alright? (Faaris texted back)

Just tell me can I come over? Aikaan texted.

Come… Waiting. (He replied back and went straight towards the gate, he didn’t want to wake nanny and Leila up so he went to the gate as quietly as he could and opened the gate and kept standing there, walking anxiously for Aikaan. He didn’t know she will love him forever )

Two days before her wedding with Faaris, Aikaan met Faaris in the same park he saw her the first time. She told Faaris to walk with him… she was looking beautiful She told him that after whatever happened in her life Adam has found his way back to her and she has loved him her whole life. Faaris broken heartedly asked her that was Adam the reason that she never even said that she loves Faaris back whenever he texted her that he loved her…

She was also very upset for upsetting Faaris but she had to be honest and now Adam was really sorry and she couldn’t forgo the love of her life. She told Faaris everything she felt at that moment and whatever was happening inside her head and heart. She was honest with him. She was herself with him. “Letting you go will hurt me, letting you go will break me but I will let it hurt and will let you go because I love you Aikaan.” He said this and left the park with broken dreams, hopes, and heavy heart and eyes.

Aunt Tasbeel was taking her favorite coffee and was sitting peacefully when Aikaan visited her.

“My dear I like Faaris and I wanted to meet him in person before giving your hand in marriage. I asked him what he can give Aikaan that no one else can. You know what he said, “Consistency”. He answered so simply and easily that honesty fell straight out of his heart. He said that I will love her consistently and I will never leave her with mixed emotions. I will make her feel always that all I want is her and always.” His words gave me goosebumps. He loves you and this boy is honest Aikaan. He wants you wholeheartedly. He is passionate about you and he is going to make a love story worth remembering always. He will give you his whole life… But aunty I love Adam Aikaan said. Do you really? Ask yourself this question again. Think about it.