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Why Hanan meeting his childhood love, Fell in Love Again Episode#5

Haniya’s mother was continuously calling her but she was not able to speak a word. With her mother’s hands touching her face she came out of her inaction and replied to her mother that nothing has happened. Haniya went straight inside the house; her mother was looking at her with worry. She was not able to understand what has happened to her darling daughter. Haniya was the entertainer in the house and she used to amuse her parents with her naughty and innocent jokes. But now she has forgotten to smile and speaks only when she is asked for something.

Haniya was a little normal for the past few days but the news of Taimoor’s marriage again left her in deep shock. She went to her room and locked the door. Her stomach was in pain and her head was spinning. She was suffering from severe headaches and it seemed that her nerves will rupture. Haniya had become so helpless that she started crying. She herself was not aware that for how many hours she had cried. Her headache was gone and she was feeling a little relief. She went to the washroom and washed her face. She doesn’t want to think about Taimoor but that was not in her control, she than came to her room and did prayer.

On the next day, Meher came to Haniya’s place early in the morning. She was already aware of Taimoor’s marriage and was worried for Haniya. Both Haniya and Meher were sitting on the balcony when Haniya’s mother called them to meet Hanan, Haniya’s cousin who had come from Islamabad. Haniya had not met her cousin Hanan for the past two years as he was in Islamabad and was completing his university degree in Chemical engineering. They both stood and went to the living room to meet Hanan. On the other side, Hanan was so eager to meet Haniya his childhood sweetheart because he was still in love with her but had not expressed his feelings to her. He had plans in his mind that he will directly send a proposal for her childhood love through his parents once he is done with his studies.

childhood sweetheart

When Haniya and Meher entered the living room Hanan stood there and they greeted each other. The happiness on Hanan’s face vanished when he saw his childhood love Haniya so weak and dull. The spark on her face was gone and she seemed to be unattractive. On the other hand, Hanan had become a very handsome gentleman which Haniya and Meher acknowledged when they saw him.

Hanan was not able to digest what was going on and what had happened to his childhood sweetheart. Hanan congratulated both of them for passing their graduation exams and in turn, Meher congratulated him for completing his degree. Haniya and Hanan were staring at each other but none of them was speaking a word. Meher interrupted and asked Hanan about his future plans on which Hanan started sharing his future goals with Meher. Haniya went to the kitchen to help her mother with the kitchen stuff. Hanan instantly asked Meher about Haniya’s health on which she asked him about the severe depression Haniya was going through but she didn’t really talk about Taimoor because no one knows about their childhood love story except Meher

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