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Rainbow of love

Rainbow of Love -She was having a good time-Episode 2

Mashal’s aunty offered to visit her in the UK during her vacations. She was having a good time with her family was bored of routine. She instantly got excited although she was a shy girl she really wanted a change from her routine life and decided to visit her aunt in the United Kingdom. Her parents and brothers were reluctant to send her alone that too so far away. Anyway they applied for a visit visa and the visa office called her, she luckily got her visa so early without any problem and hassle.

She started doing her packing when her mother gave her a bundle of gifts for her aunty ( Khala) and her kids. Her mother informed her sister.

She called her sister in the UK too, Mashal got so happy and packed her stuff. In the next few hours, she was all ready to leave her home and to reach out to the airport. She was driven to the airport by her family who said goodbye with a lot of prayers. Mashal’s mother started crying while seeing her off. She got on the plane with confidence and enjoyed her journey, maybe it was her first flight to any other country that’s why she simply enjoyed her flight. She was having a good time so far, enjoying the journey.

And finally, she arrived at Heathrow airport one fine spring evening. Mashal’s cousin came to pick her up. They never met before so they recognized each other through a picture. As Mashal arrived at the house with Ahad her aunt warmly welcomed her. She also met her cousins Maira was of her age, she was very polite and kind in nature and zain was the youngest & bold.

Mashal gave all the gifts to her aunt, uncle, and cousins which her mother gave her to them. She was thoroughly enjoying her good time with her cousins. Her Aunty used to take her around for a walk. Her cousins were really a great company for her. She didn’t know she had such great cousins. Maira and Mashal used to talk all night.

Days passed so quickly she visited all the malls and the touristy places, Museums with them in London, she went everywhere, she was having a good time. Mashal’s aunt Fozia gave so many gifts to her sister, Mashal, and all other family members. Mashal had a great time with her cousins.

Mashal and Maira have become very good friends. All her cousins were bowl doing jobs and have completed their studies as well, they opened their Youtube vlogging channels, they were running their vlogging channels on the social media they also suggested her to make her own channel and create any kind of useful content like cooking stitching or any other kind of skill or daily routine of life. Mashal was so shy to do a daily routine in front of the camera so she just enjoyed her cousin’s vlogging routine but she tried not to appear in front of the camera, she was a shy person and wanted to remain private.

She never liked too much exposure in life. It was her idea about life to keep things low profile. Mashal’s aunt was also running a cooking channel. Initially, there was a lot of hard work but then it started earning lots and lots of money. All the three siblings were earning a handsome amount along with their aunt and they started planning to make a channel for their father too.

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