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Rainbow Of Love, The marriage celebrations suddenly postponed

Mashal and Maira were talking on a video call and suddenly Ahad appeared in the scene. Mashal got blushed and Happy when she saw Ahad. These unexpected video chats and long-distance relationship activities are used to make them happy and stay connected. Ahad always appreciated the fact that, unlike all other family girls, Mashal was shy, innocent, soft-spoken, and a decent girl.

After a year of Rahim’s and doctor Ramsha’s marriage, they got blessed with a baby girl. Everyone in the family was very happy and busy with their new baby guest. The love life of Rahim got a new life after Anaya’s birth. This time Mashal was busy as her final date sheet was on her table. She started studying day and night even she was not paying attention to her baby niece, little Anaya. Rabia and Fozia were so excited for Ahad and Mashal’s marriage but Mashal was busy with her exams. Although she was busy with her examinations but she was missing her love life. She was missing the long-distance relationship messages of Ahad too but she asked her mom not to fix her marriage date before her exams because she didn’t want to lose her concentration.

After her exams, Mashal was free now. She was spending her time with Anaya and was enjoying her love life with Ahad too. Their long-distance relationship activities were the most enjoyable part of their life. One day Mashal received a whooping call from Maira. She broke the shocking news of Ahad’s accident to Mashal. The news spread in the family-like fire and pushed the entire family into a troubled situation. Mashal just wanted to be with Ahad at this crucial time but it was not possible. This long-distance relationship problem fueled up her sadness and worriedness. 

A month after the accident, Ahad got discharged from the hospital. The news was a kind of relief for Mashal but Ahad was on bed rest for 6 months due to his leg injury. He started to walk with the help of a stick but Mashal’s family was still worried enough for Ahad. The accident gave Ahad a wedding gift in the form of a stick. 

Due to the tragedy, their marriage celebrations were postponed. Both the families were worried due to the mishap and the love life of both Ahad and Mashal got a sudden break. Ahad was avoiding Mashal and was not even replying to her. Her long-distance relationship problems were increasing day by day due to the ignorance of Ahad. This time, Maira helped them both to connect and offered her full support to Ahad as he was unable to walk without the help of the stick.

Maira suggested Ahad get married ASAP. She tried to convince him that this will help him and Mashal both to overcome their long-distance relationship problems. Marring soon was a good idea to restart their love life but Ahad was not willing to do so due to his leg injury. Both Ahad and Mashal were missing each other but they both hide their feeling just to not disturb their families.

Finally, their elders fixed a marriage celebrations date and decided to go celebrate the happy moment in Pakistan. They set all the marriage celebrations in Pakistan. Although Ahad was not completely fit yet he and his family came to Pakistan. Both the families were excited and they enjoyed the marriage celebrations. A few days after the event, Ahad’s family went back to the United Kingdom whereas Ahad and Mashal started to enjoy their love life again. Their long-distance relationship activities were at their peak but still, both were missing each other like hell.

Within few weeks Mashal got her visa and Ahad booked her flight as we wanted Mashal to be with him ASAP. Thanks to physiotherapy, he was now able to walk properly without any stick. His sooner recovery was a surprise for Mashal. He went to the same Heathrow airport to pick his lifeline. Both were so excited to meet after a long time.

Ahad was over the moon when the flight landed. Within few minutes Mashal was coming towards him. She got surprised when she saw him walking without any help from the stick. She hugged him and tears appeared in her eyes. This was a joyful life moment for both of them. Ahad was also very happy and admitted that she is God’s best gift to him and that was the start of their new married love life. Pleasant weather and a happy sky welcomed them both in their new joyful life.

This was the start of their married life. A new, romantic, and loving life. A journey that leads to a joyful life. They were looking deep into each other’s eyes and imagining the depth and density of their relationship. Their eyes were mirroring the deep love for each other. They could feel how long they have come together in this journey. Every day they used to pledge to be each other’s strength and love.  They were happy and their family was happier to see them together. 

Mashal while writing her diary wrote a little anecdote of love and sacrifices for her kids. She was narrating their love life for her children. She told Ahad that they will get inspiration from it and will learn the meaning of love which is to sacrifice, show compassion and empathize. Ahad added his emotions to their story of love life too. The sun was setting to rise again with new hopes, love, happiness, and joyful life for both of them. Ahad held her hand and looked deep into her eyes which were witnessing a happy and successful life ahead.

When I buy a new book, I always read the last page first, that way in case I die before I finish, I know how it ends.

Nora Ephron“,When Harry Met Sally
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