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How love friendship Shaped Up Between Maana, Muaaz, Haseeb, and Areesha – Ali’s current status. Love Lane Love Tale EP#4

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Areesha ended her friendship with Captain Ali, Captain Ali didn’t know that Areesha is going to dump him.

Captain Muaz stalked her love interest Maana, who is his best friend Captain Ali’s sister as well.

Episode no 4

The Love Lane Love Tale

Maana’s Speculations About Muaz

Don’t know if he’s for real or fake, reckoned Maana. But one thing Maana knew was that she loved talking to him and really wanted to see him. All she wanted was to know more of him. She dropped a message on Instagram,” so let me see some of your pictures”? Maana wanted a desperate love relationship with a classy guy and he seemed to be one.

_ __

Areesha’s Proposal – Haseeb the perfect husband material

Areesha’s family was setting up her engagement. Her parents talked to Areesha. Areesha wanted to see the guy because she didn’t want to decide blindly. She was still in awe of Ali’s personality, which was masculine . It’s true that Ali had everything a girl can dream of. He belonged to a well-off and educated family. From fancy bungalows to fancy cars he had everything. He also had countless friends like Areesha.

_ _

Areesha met Haseeb who was an engineer, he was having a very sound job . No doubt, Haseeb was good ,she started comparing Haseeb and Ali and there was no excuse to say no to him. He was a highly educated, well-off, and an obedient guy who was also liked by Areesha’s parents.

Haseeb: Hi miss Areesha, how are you?

( Haseeb was nervous, his mom had setup this meeting with Areesha)

Areesha : I am fine. ( Areesha was happy inside )

Haseeb: I hope you know why are we meeting up?
Areesha: Yes, I know.

Haseeb : What is your answer then?

Areesha: If one can decide from looks and degrees, I think you are perfect. I really want to know if you are a sound person. ( Areesha knew he’s a perfect man for relationship like marriage)

Haseeb: I can only prove it with time, there is no certificate for mental stability.

Areesha: No, I didn’t mean that. ( Areesha got a little embarrassed )

Haseeb: I liked you the moment I saw you, I know it’s weird but it is yes from my side. I will wait for your reply. I will be happy if you are going to say yes.

Typical Pakistani Guy Description

( Haseeb was a typical Pakistani settled guy who was in search of a good girl who will make a happy home with him , he liked Areesha and wanted to keep her forever )

Areesha was confused but the feeling she had in her heart was too clear about this person, he came across her, through her parents’ devoted search and efforts.

From the very beginning of her teenage Areesha was inclined towards making a beautiful home. She dreamed of making that home with Ali, it was natural. Their friendship was open, she had discussed almost everything with him. There was no veil between them. They used to talk on the phone for nights. Now, all of a sudden Areesha was fed up of Ali’s attitude, she didn’t know if it was the charm of Haseeb or what?

It was the decision time, she offered prayers and slept.

Muaz reading Maana’s Instagram Message

‘Picture? ‘ which one should I send, will she recognize me or not?

But we have met just once, I think I should send her my best picture.

Muaz sent her one of the best pictures from his training sessions.

Well, she should know I love her and want to have a lifetime relationship with her. ( I should not be afraid of loving someone)

Muaz wanted to tell what he thinks about Maana. In his thoughts, he had gone too far with Maana. She was becoming her dream girl. His thoughts were getting out of control. ( He thought of writing a love note in the midst of emotions )

Hey Maana!!

Listen, I had seen you at a friend’s place, your beauty was jaw-dropping for me. I had never fallen in love and neither thought about any girl like this. Eversince I saw you, the only girl I think about, is you.!! I want to meet you, I want to spend quality time with you. I want to have a serious relationship with you. You should once meet me and then decide if I’m worthy of your companionship or not



( Muaz Ahmad sent the message to Maana on Instagram along with his pictures )


Ali’s Date Night

Ali was busy tonight with his girlfriend. Samia whom he called for a date while on vacation ( it was normal for Ali, he used to have a perfect date during his vacations), Samia without wasting time, came to Ali, and tonight both were together.

Captain Ali is Dating with friend – meanwhile he didn’t know what Areesha decided about her life

Ali had no time to even check his phone because of Samia, both had great chemistry, they used to forget everything when they used to meet. Ali didn’t even think about Areesha

Areesha had clearly decided to marry Haseeb, fate was taking both of them away.

At this time, in his life captain Ali was just interested in a good romantic relationship which comes without responsibilities, Samia was that for him.

Samia : I so badly waited for your vacations, I was already bored at home, you don’t text me otherwise .

Captain Ali: Sweetheart you must call me whenever you are bored at home, perhaps I will manage it for you. Ali spoke in her ear.

Samia : Thats what I did, that’s why you are here with me.

( Samia was his friend and they had a good relationship, they were the” friends with benefits” both used to call each other when they used to feel stressed out from routine life, both forget everything when they meet up. )

For Ali life had become stressful, Areesha was just a loyal friend with whom he could not do romance due to her self restrictions but Samia never had any reservations and that was what Ali needed from an understanding relationship.

Muaz also knew about Ali’s activity tonight which outraged him that’s why he sent a message to Maana.

Muaz thought that he was interested in a pious relationship with Maana so he should not be afraid of expressing his genuine feelings to Maana.

Maana Reads Muaz’s Love relationship Note on Instagram.

Oh, he is so handsome, if he is actually the same guy .

( Maana was jumping with joy, Muaaz had everything she was searching in a beau )

Maana like her brother Captain Ali couldn’t think of a relationship like marriage but she didn’t know she will going to fall madly in love with Muaz. Right now she was over the moon after reading his love note. Now was the time to send him a reply. She wanted to reply in a composed yet expressive way.

Summary of Story

Muaz and Ali are friends and soldier their love-friendship bond is exemplary. Muaz secretly likes Ali’s sister Maana. He loves Ali’s sister. Ali likes his friend Areesha but he doesn’t want to marry her. Ali is a party-type person who has only an interest in love friendship and temporary relationships instead of marriage. Areesha is now breaking up with Ali and accepting the proposal of Haseeb.

Muaz is now contacting Maana as his feelings are now out of control.

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