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Will Haseeb Call off the Engagement, What will Happen to Areesha – The Love lane Love tale Episode 8

The Love lane Love Tale

Muaz was utterly disappointed and was almost hating his best friend and his lover’s brother. He actually wanted to beat Ali for his unethical action. He was afraid about Areesha, what call off the engagement of his fiance?

No, I won’t let this happen.

I wish I was that open and friendly with Maana to discuss this all, thought Muaz.

Ali: Hey what happened to you, you obedient guy? huh.

I know you are going to be in pain….

Muaz : Why don’t you realize that you should stop playing with girls. Some are for dating purposes, some are for meeting and some are for calling on the phone?

Ali : Listen we had a great time during our vacations, don’t try to ruin it. Just stop and leave me alone.

Muaz came out. He actually had planned to contact Areesha in case of problem.

Areesha : Hey Haseeb, it’s been a while I am contacting you on your Whatsapp and calling you on your phone number, why are you not replying.

Areesha texted to Haseeb.

To hell with your messages, he talked to himself .

Haseeb read her Whatsapp message and threw away his phone on bed.

Haseeb didn’t want to talk to Aressha at all. He had decided not to discuss anything with Areesha. He had chosen to call off the engagement. He really liked Areesha and calling off an engagement was a hard task and so was for him but he had no other option. It was clear that if that guy has sent those pictures to Haseeb he must be interested in Areesha as well. Areesha must have given him some hopes.

Ali texted from Anonymous Number to Areesha

Ali : So you were hiding after your engagement from me, I sent all our pictures to your fiancee.

Areesha: What OH MY GOD!! why did you do that? were we supposed to marry?

You were never serious with me, you are a cheap person. I’m now contented on my decision of leaving you.

Ali: So you admit that you cheated on me

Areesha : No, I just chose my path which is not you.

Ali : Please check babes if your path is still intact or not?

Areesha : Even if Haseeb will call off the engagement, I will never talk to you. Go To Hell!

Ali : My doors will remain open for you but listen I won’t marry you.

Areesha : You are third class person. May Allah protect other girls from you.

Ali : Shut up

Areesha : You Shut up.
Areeaha really got upset, she was stressing about her engagement, what if Haseeb calls off the engagement, she started praying to Allah.

Maana : Hey why didn’t you call Muaz, You know what I was waiting for your call.

Maana called Muaz and asked about him. He was missing.

Muaz : Was a bit busy, just joined back the unit, and the day was spent in the office. I missed you but after the holidays, I was all burdened with work.

Muaz was right he didn’t get time to even see the phone. Muaz was like that, he was a different person when on duty.

He saw Ali ‘s missed calls as well.

He wanted to stop talking to Maana after Ali’s heinous act. Muaz knew that Ali will judge His friendship with Maana because he himself was a corrupt person.

Maana : okay I believe you but are we talking tonight??

Muaz : Yes, after dinner I will call you.

Maana : Ok I will wait.

Areesha : Haseeb please reply, why are you not answering me? I am extremely upset. Why are you doing this to me?

Haseeb : Areesha, I don’t want to talk to you and why do you even care for me?

Areesha : Can I know the reason?

Haseeb : I don’t want to discuss it. I am thinking to call off the engagement.

Areesha : Why? Is that so easy for you? we had an engagement ceremony in front of so many people, I accepted you with my heart?

Haseeb: I don’t think so, I believe you loved someone else and wrongly engaged to me. ( Haseeb sent all pictures to Areesha )

Areesha : Okay so I have got the idea that you were only here to enjoy a good time. Calling off the engagement is a good option for you Haseeb but I will wait for you to behave like a gentleman and not like Ali, who was my friend but knowing his criminal nature and bad influences I left him. I also never crossed my limits. And remember in Pakistan calling off an engagement means there is no looking back it’s not an English film or Turkish drama where they get back after break-ups and start living happily.

I would not want my engagement to be called off, I accepted you with my heart



Haseeb received her WhatsApp message, he read it so many times but he didn’t want to reply. He didn’t even talk to his family either.

Haseeb got really upset.

He wanted to now discuss it with Aressha after her long text but his ego was not allowing him to text her. Her long text was communicating a lot of messages.

Haseeb held his thoughts for a while , he turned the lights off and slept.

Muaz called Maana

Muaz : Yes dear, what’s going on?

Maana: I was waiting for your call

Muaz : Maana I can’t believe that, how can I be that important for an extremely beautiful girl.

Maana: Well, yes I told you that it’s early to say anything about love but I think I started yearning for you…

I don’t know but I couldn’t resist to say you to call me.

Muaz : I am really happy. It’s just an incredible feeling when you get the love back from the lover.

I wish I could ask something from you?

Maana : What? ( she was all clueless )

Muaz : What if you pledge, you will never leave me? anyway just my wish.

Maana: She wanted to pledge, she wanted to be with him but saying it was hard, she didn’t believe in promises.

To be continued

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