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Why is it important to respect the relationships? The Love Lane -Episode 9

Like her brother Ali, Maana never took relationships seriously, she never respected relationships. Their parents were too busy building up their lifestyle, they were the people who used to remain busy due to their professional commitments.

Despite being too busy Ali and Maana’s parents always fulfilled all their wishes. They didn’t teach their children to respect relationships and invest in relationships. Ali never learned to respect women. He believed in cheating and time pass. Areesha was a classy girl who inspired Ali, he changed his rules for her because he wanted to be with her.

Damn I turned off Areesha so bad, she won’t see my face ever in life, Ali punched in the table.

No, she will be back to me for sure , her engagement will be called off ( over ) and she will come.

It was a much needed step. (He gave a logic to his cruel act) . But I could do it without exposing myself, thought Ali.

Ali thought this all after being scolded by Muaz.

_ ___

Muaz: Hey soldier's girl, how are you. Muaz used to call Maana with beautiful names. He knew that she is going to be his mistress and the love he used to give her comes out naturally. He respects his relationships.

Maana: Hey Soldier, I just got up and saw the phone for your WhatsApp message and it was there. You are making me an addict of you.

Maana was actually flying high in the sky after developing this beautiful bond with Muaz. It’s because Muaz used to give her due respect in relationship and importance.

Muaz: I wish I become your lifetime addiction, listen Maana, I saw you, I knew your name. I was aware that you are on Instagram. I searched you and sent you a request because I was damn serious about marrying you. I’m not forcing you. Take your time but can we make a small beautiful home together?

Maana: Listen Muaz, isn’t it too early?

Muaz: It’s not early for me. I love you for a longer period, yes I can say that I used to like you but since we have started talking I’m getting attracted to you more and more and I know it’s not temporary.

Maana: Whenever I talk to you I feel that you keep on changing my mind. Muaz if you are really this much honest, you will win my heart because every time I talk to you you change my mind.

Maana never got this much pampering in life. Muaz used to wish her in the morning. He texts about all her routine and it was for the first time in her life that a person was asking about her so religiously. Maana’s parents didn’t even care like this.

Maana : okay Muaz, will call you later someone’s out there.

Maana : Hey Mom

Farzana : Maana what are you doing nowadays? I don’t see you in lounge or lawn.

Maana: Mama I had been busy with my sculptures and you know after that I just hardly get time for sleep and friends.

( It was true that since Maana started talking to Captain Muaz, she hardly used to sleep early because she used to talk Or chat with Muaz till late at night.)

Haseeb : Hi

Haseeb texted Areesha.

Areesha : Hello , how are you?

Haseeb: I am not good after seeing tons of your pictures with your friend. ( The typically expected taunt that destroyed Areesha)

Areesha: Can you forgive me for my past which I deliberately hid from you because I just didn’t want to even discuss a useless person.

Haseeb: Shame on you this is the respect you give to your relationship with me? You didn’t respect the relationship that we made.

I asked you clearly, you can share about your past and I told you I won’t mind.

Areesha: Listen Haseeb, I admit, I did wrong but I didn’t want to discuss my friendship with Ali with you because it wasn’t more than an embarrassment. Still, I want to tell you Ali was not more than a friend to me. Yes, initially I liked him for marrying purposes but then I realized he doesn’t respect relationships. He doesn’t respect women. I didn’t waste my time on him and moved on. I can’t do anything about his mentality.

Haseeb : He is the worst person on earth who doesn’t respect relationships like friendship or maybe love.

Areesha: Haseeb please it was not loving, be clear in that and please do tell me what have you thought about us, are you calling this engagement off?

Haseeb: So are you still in doubt that I will keep this relationship. It’s been four days and I am in pain. I can’t live with such behavior. I cannot respect our relationship with such details.

Areesha: Okay, I think you have decided not to believe me. If you will trust me later after r, I will not develop the same feelings for you I want to respect our relationship and I do respect it.

Haseeb : Mama I want to talk to you

Farida : Yes Son, what is the problem.

Haseeb : Look Mama, I don’t want to marry.

Farida : But why, I remember you were happy with engagement, now what happened.

( Farida was a college lecturer and was a very sane person – she taught her children to respect relationships more than anything )

Haseeb : Mom, I have come to know that Areesha had a friend before engagement. He sent me her pictures with him.

Fareeda : What? , Are you in your senses?

Haseeb : Mama, I am right.

Fareeda : Is this a solid reason. to call off engagement without communicating?

Haseeb : I think, yes.

Fareeda: Look son I can’t do that, I made this relationship with respect in a lot of people.

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