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Top five (5) eCommerce companies of FY-2020

E-commerce is on rising around the globe. The owners of the top e-commerce companies are lining up to be the richest person in the world. We can understand the volume and importance of these online service companies through the lens of their market caps. In 2020, Amazon leads eCommerce companies and earned the maximum market cap from other eCommerce companies.  

Let’s explore, who are the stand-out eCommerce companies of the year 2020! 

1. Amazon

Amazon is the largest e-commerce site and online service provider worldwide with the largest market cap in the year 2020. Bloomberg reported that Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezo’s net worth had grown by $72.7 billion, up 63.3% over the course of the year. This made Amazon the best e-commerce site.  


2ndlargest e-commerce site, with a US$72 billion of revenue for 2020 stands amongst the top sites for online services. E-Commerce sites sell it services to generate income.  

3. Prosus 

Prosus is a global consumer internet group and stands 3rd largest company among the top e-commerce companies. In its current fiscal year, the revenue stands out at US$9.9bn.  

4. Shopify 

Shopify Inc. is a Canadian based multinational e-commerce company ranked amongst the top 04 e-commerce companies. It allows e-commerce personnel to set up an online store and sell their products. The revenue of the Shopify multi-folded in 2020 comparable to 2019.  

5., Inc., also known as Jingdong and formerly called 360buy is the 5thleading e-commerce company. JD observed a 26% increase in the revenue in correspondence to the same time period in the financial year 2019. Its current market cap stands at $130.95B 

These are the top e-commerce companies that stand out amongst the other and take the market competition to the next level.  

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