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London’s streets are empty

The new hard wave of Corona has struck the world. In the United Kingdom, it is said that the intensity of the virus is changed, which might be more damaging. Lockdowns have been imposed in London. Flights have been stopped, only emergency flights are functional. The virus may spread with this intensity to other countries as well.

A new dangerous strain of the coronavirus, which has emerged in the United Kingdom, is expected to reach the United States.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has expressed concern that a new strain of Corona, which is being introduced in the UK, is likely to reach the US.

In the last 24 hours, 3,500 deaths have been reported from the coronavirus in the United States, while 200,000 new cases of the coronavirus have been reported.

On the other hand, 691 more people have died from the coronavirus in the United Kingdom, while about 37,000 new cases of corona have also been reported.

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