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Woman with most children born at same time

Who gave birth to 8 children at the same time

Do you know which woman has the record of having the most children at one time (all of whom survived)? If not, find out that she is an American Jewish woman named Nadia Suleiman gave birth to 8 children at the same time about 10 years ago, and now for the first time, she has broken her silence on this experience. Nadia Suleiman, 43, now known as Natalie Suleiman, also known as Octo Mum, gave birth to six boys and two girls in January 2009. This record-breaking pregnancy was confirmed by IVF and it was (and still is) the first time a woman has given birth to eight children and all of them have survived.

Ten years after the incident, the woman spoke to the New York Times about it, as well as her six other children who were born through IVF. She said she has been working on a book for 13 years, “That’s why I’m giving this interview, I’ve been writing this since I was in graduate school.” In fact, she is the mother of 14 children living in a 3-room house in California.

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