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What is tea for us?

Tea is a vital drink in our daily lives, we can’t do our household and other works efficiently if we don’t get a tea-fix right in time. Also, the new researches examine the effect of tea-drinking on creativity.

We found drinking hot-tea can promote performance and also enhance creative thinking.

Also drinking green-tea increases higher creativity performance in cognitive tasks compared to drinking water.

Tea changes mood, it is an instant fix of energy. Many of the students and office going people do rely on tea when they do their projects and assignments.

You can say that Black tea alone, and black tea combined with milk can be a good alternative to coffee, as many people do not drink coffee. It can equally boast up your cognition.

Tea stimulates a person to do work better, it’s also called super addictive because those who start the tea intake frequently may find it hard to quit or work without tea.

Different sort of other teas is also super addictive which are most common in other parts of the world for example green tea, Turkish tea, lemongrass tea. Most people think that these teas act as a good digestive agent also, especially green tea and lemongrass tea are used to reduce or control weight.

Green tea acts as antioxidant agents. It keeps the body lighter and warm. Consumption of tea increases in winter. People keep their selves warm through the intake of tea.

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