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Rage room

Rage Rooms – Better options for taking anger out

Often when we get more angry we vent our anger on others because we don’t understand what we are doing at the moment. Now a ‘rage room’ has been set up in Brazil where anyone can vent their anger and frustration.

A large hammer is given to the person who comes to this ‘rage room’ and there are old televisions, computers, printers, other machinery, and glassware. The 42-year-old Brazilian started the business a month ago and says he started getting good customers during the epidemic.

If you want to vent your anger by going to the ridge room under intense anger and pressure, you have to pay 4. 4.64 to get here. The user before going to this Rage room has given a helmet so that he doesn’t harm himself.

The concept of rage / anger rooms are common at some places in world and people are really getting benefits from it. You tell your views about rage rooms’ options

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