You are currently viewing WOMEN a wonderful organizer with self-motivation and a nourishing attitude for change.

WOMEN a wonderful organizer with self-motivation and a nourishing attitude for change.

Women have inbuild dignity and strength to change the faith of the world with their organizational and nourishing attitude. The woman is a gift of Allah to the world that plays a pertinent role in the human creation process and should be given due respect and care. Women a sensitive and fragile creature needs respect, care, and protection from evil deeds are struggling in Pakistan to prove her skills and contribute positively to the nation’s progress both as a mother and a professional.

In Pakistan history likewise, men many women have successfully contributed with their skills, creative thoughts and mark their name in the history with golden words. Looking from the scratch, we can see the shoulder-to-shoulder efforts of Fatima Jinnah during the movement of independence for Pakistan. She was a lady with strong nerves and willpower who boldly faced the enemies of this nation and provided strong moral support to the founder of Pakistan.

Begum Shaista Ikramullah first female elected as a member of the constituent assembly of Pakistan who open the doors for females to step into politics. Benazir Bhutto, first female Prime Minister of Pakistan, was the first female Head of the state of the Muslim world. Fehmida Mirza a doctor in profession become the first speaker of the Provincial Assembly. These are some of the prominent females in history who have taken steps and opened the doors of politics for females. Similarly, we have success stories in the military, IT, police, teaching, medicine, etc. Ms. Tahira Qazi the martyred of The Army Public School will always be remembered in the history of Pakistan who with her courageous step and last words while looking into the eyes of the terrorist

“I am their mother, Talk to me”.  Arifa Abdul Karim the youngest Microsoft certified professional, Samina Baig first mountainous female in the Muslim world, Dr. Zubaida Sirang the author of the bestselling book on Best Ophthalmology Books of All Time, Malala a young visionary girl who foresee the change in women education and empowerment, Anita Karim young female mix martial Art, Asma Jahangir a lawyer and activist, Shahnaz Kapadia a contributor to sustainable social transformation, and many more are the bright face of this country who with their visionary thoughts and with self-motivation has made us all proud.

Pakistan a land of creative minds is overflowed with success stories of women is struggling to provide a safe and secure environment to its future generation. Despite many organizations focusing on the same and Government initiatives, still we hear shocking and heart-melting incidents on daily basis. With deep regret majority of the cases are being closed with zero progress and result. Every day a child is attacked by an evil thought that destroys his/her whole life. The majority of the cases reported and unreported are of innocent young girls with severe attacks.

The Government instead of ensuring justice has still unable to uncover the blindfold from their eyes to see the social issues getting rotted strongly in the society and creating insecurities and worries among parents and children. Still, in the 21st century, Pakistan is suffering from honor or mercy killing, raps, acid attacks, mental and physical torture, threads, etc. with no bold step by the State to stop. Still, victims are suffering and crying for justice, still, they get threatening calls and attacks.

I believe instead of celebrating this day with the elite segment of the society and discussing the cases, Government should pledge to eliminate such social issues by taking strong and tangible steps to weaken the roots by punishing the culprit in front of all. Let’s, the Government hang them in the streets to give lessons to others with such evil deeds. Let us as a responsible citizen not hide and protect the culprits even if is a son or family member.

Let’s challenge the challenges for change and provide a safe and secure environment to our future generation and help them to reach their potentials.

Written by Salma Ali

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