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When a small car gives a tough time to the Range Rover

It is not mandatory that every time branded or costly luxuries are the cause of a high-quality lifestyle or pride for you, sometimes even small things can bring you peace or pride.

In a viral video on social media, it can be seen that the Range Rover worth millions is weighing to make a turn on the ice but failing whereas a small car is moving in the ice-clad road easily.

The video, the Range Rover the driver can be seen in a difficult situation trying to turn a car stuck in the snow, but in the meantime, a small, seemingly ordinary vehicle can be seen passing the Range Rover with great ease.

Front of the Range Rover 2021, a simple car with a low-powered engine has made it easy to pass through the snow-covered valley. Interesting comments about the video are being made by Facebook users. They thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the small car.

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