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Google to Charge for Google photos backup from 2021

Google Photos has announced plans to save photos from June 1, 2021,

after offering unlimited free photo backups for five years, now google will charge for photos.

Google Photos will not apply this to users using 15 gigs or more before June 1, 2021, while Google is also introducing a new policy to delete data from inactive accounts that have not been logged in for 2 years.

So they will have plenty of time to decide whether to continue using Google Photos or switch to another cloud storage provider for your photos.

The Pixel owners who purchase Google Photos will still be able to upload high-quality images for free after June 1. It’s not as good as Pixel’s original deal to get unlimited quality, but it’s a small bonus for a few people who buy a Google device.

Google said that it offers more free storage than others – instead of the 5 GB that Apple's iCloud gave you, Google gives you 15 GB. Google is also adding new storage management tools to Google Photos, including a tool that will make it easier to find and delete images you don’t want to keep anyway, such as blurry images or screenshots.

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