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What people searched most in 2020 on Wikipedia

The most-read articles on Wikipedia English in 2020 were the US election and the Coronavirus.

The Corona epidemic has been read more than 83 million times this year, while the page of US President Donald Trump, who lost the US election, has been viewed by more than 55.4 million people.

More than 42.26 million people showed interest in finding out how many people lost their lives in 2020.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden were the fourth and fifth most read articles on Wikipedia.

To find out more about the coronavirus, 229,057,565 people turned to Wikipedia for help this year and turned to Wikipedia to find out more about the virus. It ranked sixth among the most read articles.

American legend basketball player Kobe Bryant was killed along with his daughter in a helicopter crash this year. Throughout the year, 32,863,656 people turned to Wikipedia in English to find out about him.

Covif 19 pandemic by Country and Territory, Visitors to this page were on 8th number.

The 2020 US presidential election and Queen Elizabeth II ranked ninth and tenth among the articles read on Wikipedia English. On these two pages, 24.313 million 110 and 241.47 million 675 visitors came.

These were the most searched and read topics across the globe in 2020. Do let us know what you have read about the most. Well, yes we all searched about Covid 19 a lot this year.

Obviously, Pandemic hit that badly this year, people across the world have searched about it. Many people have searched about death rates across the world due to covid, people also searched about natural and herbal immunity boasters during covid.

Some people also searched on Wikipedia in English how to cut Men’s hair at home due to lockdown during the pandemic. Hair cit seemed to be the biggest problem.

Corona Virus has changed the idea of people, where the majority of people used to search global stars and their lifestyles and kids, they searched covid -19 on priority. We hope to start the new year normally and hope this corona wave to end.

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