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Apple will launch the foldable iPhone in 2022

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Apple has sent 100,000 sample foldable mobiles to Foxconn, a partner testing parts for the foldable iPhone, which launched in September 2022.

According to the Research Sniper website, the first foldable iPhone was made by a Taiwanese company, Neonico.

The iPhone's foldable the phone will be available in the market by the year 2022. The minimum price will start from 14 1499, ie the price of a foldable iPhone will start from around 240,000 Pakistani rupees.

The iPhone will have 8 GB of memory and one terabyte of storage. The iPhone may have purchased a foldable screen from Samsung, which is likely to go through the quality test first.

It is not known at this time that what display the company will be using for foldable phones but everything will be done after proper research work and quality control which may take 2 years.