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The Best Teachers role in Post-COVID Education

In the Post-COVID, the global education system underwent a dramatic change. Those, considering the online learning system to be less productive are changing their thinking. Now, the students, teachers, scholars, and other professionals engage with various learning management systems (LMS). In Pre-COVID education, we look for a teacher or wise in day-to-day discussions for our personality development, professional or financial objectives. They are thus supposed to facilitate understanding daily activities as well as academic tasks.

The teachers or facilitators are invariably paid as well as under-praised in society. This grim picture of a teacher in every country, in general, is in the mainstream in the Corona Crisis.

 The unsung heroes of the community pay services in the upbringing of students just as much as parents. Their services range from teaching to supporting the moral upbringing of students, while simultaneously trying to adapt to the post-pandemic conditions and creating an environment for students that is conducive to learning.

Role of the Teacher:

Judith Lanier in “Redefining the Role of the Teacher” states that;

“Teaching is a multifaceted profession since it not only consists primarily of lecturing to students who sit in rows at desks, dutifully listening and recording what they hear, but, rather, offers every child a rich, rewarding, and unique learning experience”

The importance of teaching and scope is well explained by, Judith Lanier, which is neglected in the US Society in general, and the world in particular,

Lanier further says, in widening the scope of teaching and methods, that,

“The educational learning environment is not confined to the classroom instead, extends into the home and the community and around the world.”

Our misery in understanding a teacher is not confined to the classroom, as explained, but the globe is the learning platform, in particular, yet, when a class of small pupils is asked about their aspirations for a future career, hardly a hand raises for the teaching career. It tells tons about society and its building block, i.e., family.

 The sad part is that the tendency to become the best teacher hardly exists. This ridicules the profession in the educational upbringing of their students.

A teacher is an agent of social change. Yet, the tendency to become the best teacher hardly exists.

Education in Post-COVID Pandemic:

 When a student fails to achieve a goal in life it is the best teacher who bears the blame for not educating properly, but when there is a success, it is the parents who get the credit. Also, many people think that teachers spend only five hours of their time at the school premises. They failed to see that a teacher prepares a lesson beforehand and at home, at the expense of his own family time.

A teacher checks tons of homework identifies mistakes, corrects them, and grades them, again at home and at the expense of the family. They fail to realize that a teacher is always the very first to enter the class, and very last to leave and making sure all the pupils are comfortable and ready to learn. The best teachers are always ready to discuss desired subjects with the students.

 Hence, the authorities of education try to maintain a semblance of instruction by putting teachers and course material online, the fact that teachers’ conditions are not considered. It remains unnoticed.

The situation for them appears to be hectic, with responsibilities owing to their households on top of a load of work assigned to them from schools. The Best Teachers’ are the first responders of Education, serving on the front-line for educating their students in these difficult circumstances, particularly in the Corona crisis and global school closures.

 Moreover, the teachers in the US faced critique regarding their teaching techniques being useless in these circumstances and not being able to add in the dissemination of knowledge outside the classroom.

We need to realize that in the field of Education, expertise’ is the key component and without the expertise that the teachers provide, it is quite impossible to provide students with the required instructions to continue with new learning processes in unprecedented times.

The Student-Teacher Relationship

Sparks says,

 ​“Students spend more than 1,000 hours with their teacher in a typical school year”

 And, follows further, “that is more than enough to build students’ appetite for learning for a lifetime or distract completely from the career building. Research conducted of 46 students found,

“Strong teacher-student relationships in both the short and long term with improvements in practically every measure schools care about: higher student academic engagement, attendance, grades, fewer disruptive behaviors and suspensions, and lower school dropout rates”.

 Moreover, from this dynamic, both the teacher and student benefit and the effect remains for a lifetime.

“Role of Teachers in Corona crisis”

 Now, since the global pandemic of COVID-19 has announced global school closures for an unknown period of time, a new issue is faced by the teachers or school staff.

 Educational institutions are unwilling to pay the teachers in the Corona crisis or closure of global schools. But on the other hand, parents are forced to pay the fees regularly. These fees are illegally looted from parents. The teacher listens to the woes of the parents, as the Corona pandemic has forced school closures at every level across the globe and when it comes to adapting to this new standard of normalcy, a survey by the “National Parents Union” provided the statistics that

“61% of parents said that schools should focus on rethinking how to educate students and should come up with new teaching methods as a result of the COVID-19 crisis whereas, only 32% of parents want schools to revert to the way things were before the pandemic began”

Amidst all this, the role of a teacher in COVID-crisis gains respect when there is a dire need for students.

The Best Teachers:

 The best teachers are the drivers of motivation and the providers of knowledge. “Teachers, inherently, are among the most dedicated and hardworking people”, says Jerry M Lawson. More than often, the sacrifices teachers design for better educational opportunities go unnoticed.

The extra time and resources they put into creating an engaging lesson plan and the dedication with which they work are very much disregarded.

 Parents who conceive school homework, periodic exams, and related educational activities for granted, have now started to realize after all there is a creature named ‘teacher’ who nurtures their offspring’s’ mind in a manner they do not have the mettle to do.

They now have the slightest feeling that those five to six hours spent in school with a teacher are the most valuable. Those are the hours in which their child’s mental and physical faculties are nurtured. They have started to value the trampled uniform in a school fixture, the never-ending questions asked. There is a realization after all that teachers are behind every success, and let’s be honest, some failures as well.

The teachers and students must be equipped with digital skills. The digital divide between teachers and parents or students should be managed. Those facing problems in online lectures or classes should be resolved for academic endeavors or students could attend schools and universities again

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Aqrar Hussain
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