You are currently viewing Snow clad swat Mountains are Heaven for Travelers

Snow clad swat Mountains are Heaven for Travelers

Swat is known for its beautiful and scenic views. The weather of swat is pleasant and often even in Summer. After the Winter season, the valley starts looking like Switzerland. The snow-clad mountains attract travellers to this valley.

The same happened this year despite the corona outbreak people from across the country are coming for skiing.

As soon as it snowed in Swat, the skiing festival started and people from all over the country came to collect the most memorable moments of their lives. Children, adults, and women from the cities enjoyed the fear of beautiful scenery.

All are enjoying the beautiful weather of Swat. Despite Swat, Gilgit and Skardu are also one of the most beautiful areas of Pakistan. All these northern areas are heaven for travelers. The areas are also rich in food and hospitality.

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