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How Covid-19 Impact on School Education System

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The world is facing strictness and lockdowns due to the 2nd or 3rd wave of the COVID-19, which had badly affected mainstream education. Educational institutions again force to hold the process of in-person learning & teaching methods and recommended to adopt virtual methodologies. In this process, many educational institutions have had to set up a distance learning system to ensure that the growth and development of the children should not be stopped. The adaptive behavior of the children and parents is amazing, that how quickly new patterns of learning adopted. This temporary reorganization of activity will certainly have a strong and lasting impact on educational structures.

Distance Learning

It is evident that distance learning is complex in many contexts, because of lack of access to knowledge of the digital world in under-developed regions, connectivity issues, and lack of resources at each doorstep. This changing pattern had expanded the education inequality index and deepened the vulnerabilities of the less privileged communities. Even more, it had raised the risk to the early childhood sector because of the overuse of digital equipment and lack of individualism in the learning process which compromised the socio-psychological development.

However, now it becomes a part of new-normal, where all educational organizations to reinvent and rethink to mainstream the online-based activities, such as educational exercises, games, nursery rhymes, pre-reading and mathematics activities and design some other technical activities which help children to improve knowledge and don’t lose their learned skills. Some online sessions were carried out in small groups to enable better participation by the children. As the sessions progressed, the content and the way of interacting with the children at a distance became more refined and valuable. Which the children could carry out at home with their parents.

Early Childhood Education


E-learning, is also applicable sometimes for theoretical subjects, although does not easily lend itself to practical learning. Many difficulties also raised for children in such crises, as access to the Internet and the availability of, and stated huge distinctions in the level of children preparedness. In addition, distance learning has often required the training of both parents and trainers/children in digital tools. Who are far away from these skills to learn.  

Finally, In homeschooling for kids requires the presence of any Guardian. Who is able to accompany for compatible needs of the child in learning. However, the closure of schools creates a logic and left parents confused about how to support their children’s learning at home. In order to address such issues, some educational institutions have to develop a project. Or provide learning materials specifically for parents, in order to support them, through a platform, in parenting and pedagogy.