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Correlation between Unemployment and Digital skills

Learning and earning patterns are drastically changed by the COVID-19 Pandemic. On one side, it had a negative impact on society, changes in the normal style of living lead to drastic behavioral changes. On the other hand, this Pandemic becomes a blessing in disguise for those who adapted
themselves to the change and started to enjoy their life in a new normal way. They focused on their inner skills and further nurtured while living within the boundaries established by the COVID-19. Thus, they explored new ways to learn, earn, and develop even in hard times.

It is evident that the importance of remote activities sharply raised and every actor of the economies shifted their activities online. Like as universities promoted online classes, training institutes offered online training, organizations encouraged work from home culture and entrepreneurs established online shops.

Therefore, this changing pattern increased the demand for skilled resources who are well versed in digital skills.

To meet the market demand, professional youth adopted the approach of online education and training, so they can learn the required skills efficiently to gain employment. Thus, individuals focused to learn from
the online resources and explore remote earning opportunities. Therefore, the freelancing , e-commerce and remote working culture increased the importance of digital skills, which ultimately leads to employing the skilled labors on virtual platforms.

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