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just smile in love

They found each other. He found her love, they found their destination. Last Episode – Just smile in love

Faaris was losing his mind waiting for Aikaan, he started walking at the way where he will meet her. He saw her. She was looking like a gazelle with beautiful big eyes and color as white as milk… she was almost running towards him. It seemed that they found their destinations. He walked towards her as well and when she could feel his breath on her cheek, she wrapped her arms around him. She wrapped her arms so tight that he could feel the warmth of her body and her body shape for the first time. He felt her for the first time… He didn’t let go and she became still in his arms for about twenty minutes. He held her hand and took her inside his house, in his room. He made two coffees and sat beside her. She was still in the hangover of the feeling of his arms wrapped around her and the trance of his touch and so was he. They found each other. He found her love, they found their destination, it was totally unbelievable for her.

“What happened?” (Faaris asked)

I didn’t love him. (Aikaan replied in a low voice)

Then? (Faaris raised his eyebrow and came close to her)

Aikaan felt nervous… I think I love you.

Faaris smiled with half lip and came even closer.

Don’t do this. (Aikaan moved back)

Do what? Faaris smiled and asked her that if she is done taking her coffee he will drop her at home.

“Yes sure.”

He walked her back home in silence but he kept staring at her… His eyes felt like fire the way he looked at her from head to toe. She took a huge breath after entering back home, the way she was nervous of being around him.


Faaris was marrying Aikaan after three weeks and he couldn’t get her out of his mind for even a moment in these three weeks and he couldn’t even see her for these past weeks. He had to see her today and as soon as he saw her, his mouth was filled with cotton, his heart raced. He saw her everywhere… She was looking as pretty as she was. Finally, the day arrived when Faaris was finally got Aikaan and couldn’t even explain how he feeling. finally, they found each other. He found her love, they found their destination.


He looked intently into her eyes and she felt the desire in his eyes that darkened his eyes, he was happy he found her … They were sitting in the dining hall with everyone, both families were there talking, laughing and drinking tea and eating cupcakes and muffins. Everyone looked happy while faaris kept staring at her… It was almost five am in the morning when both of them went inside their room. Aikaan entered this room for the second time today and she was tired she just wanted faaris to hold her in his arms and wanted to sleep. They both changed in their pajamas and Aikaan laid with faaris. He held his arms strongly around her, kissed her forehead, and slept. She was so sleepy that her desire to kiss faaris back couldn’t be completed but the reality was they actually found their destination, she found her love now she could sleep without fear of losing love. It was eternal.


Aunt Tasbeel was very happy that finally, Aikaan married someone she deserves and someone who will love her deeply. She invited both of them to her house for dinner and told them the lesson for life… Love isn’t a competition. It’s not about coming in first or second or last. It’s not about how much they love you back or making sure that they love you the most. When you truly love someone, you care more about their happiness than your own. If your mom finds someone else that she can love and who will love her back and make her happy, then I will be glad. Love isn’t about coming in the first place, Gemma. Love is about putting someone else first in front of yourself.”
 Natalie Palmer, Second to No One
Just remember this lesson my dears and you will live a life full of love and friendship and you will fall for each other every time over and over again. They both looked at each other, smiled, and nodded to aunt Tasbeel’s words. They took their leave at 10 pm. They were happy because they found their destination which was beautiful together.


They spent the most beautiful night of their life in their very own house tonight and all the days and all the nights very happy then yes they also had their usual fights like every other couple but their loves story had immense passion, love, lust for each other and desire to be with each other always. They found each other like love always does, they won each other and in the end love won. He found her and she found him.
“Love never within us, it never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to fill its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”  Anais Nin

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