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How is Telegram App more secure than WhatsApp?

One of the most popular social media platforms named WhatsApp has issued new privacy policies. The change in privacy policies outraged users across the world. A large number of users are talking about switching from WhatsApp to other social media platforms(Telegram app, Snapchat, Signal app and etc ) that are more secure. Through new policies, WhatsApp is seeking agreement from users after which data can be shared with Facebook and partner companies for advertisement purposes. The unique features of WhatsApp help users to stay in touch with nearer and dearer through thick and thin. The WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp for PC features stand out from the WhatsApp app from all other apps in the last decade.

However, the concerns raised about the WhatsApp app and WhatsApp security, have daunted the popularity of WhatsApp. A large number of users are considering alternative social media apps. The Telegram app and Signal app are considering secured and viable options to switch on. Here we will discuss how the telegram app is the best alternative to the WhatsApp app. However, Telegram App is not end-to-end encrypted except for video calls, and it continues to attract more users. Following are the main features of the Telegram app for the user’s information

Telegram App:

Telegram is getting popular amongst WhatsApp users, where most of the same features are available. The users will not really bother to switch to this mobile app, because it is simple, user-friendly, and has some advanced features than WhatsApp.

Telegram is a Cross-platform

The Telegram app is easily available and compatible with Mac, iOS, Android, Windows operating systems. This App offers cloud backup, so it ensures that you can retain your conversation history when you switch to another device.  

Telegram downloads and Installation cost

Telegram web is free to download and install. However, the monetization process is underway for Telegram advertising. Telegram app also assures that the advertisements will ensure respect to user privacy and personal data, and data will not be extracted.

Audio, Video calls, Messaging and Group,  

Telegram App offers a unique feature for groups through which it allows 200,000 users in one group. It also supports audio and video calls as well, whereas video calls are end-to-end encrypted.   Telegram has a feature of disappearing messages, to make chat more secure. The disappearing message timer option is available ranges from one second to one week.

 Apart from these features, it offers more services, like cloud services to access data, the facility to send data up to 1.5GB, archive chats and allows users to find other users through phone number. The inbuilt animation in the form of smileys makes the telegram app user friendly. Registering to Telegram is also easy, which only needs a mobile number and very basic information. Therefore, telegram apps are readily available to replace the WhatsApp app whenever a user wants to adopt. 

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