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WhatsApp has changed its Privacy Policy

WhatsApp app has a bit changed in its privacy policy. Now it compels users to agree to share personal data with Facebook

WhatsApp app now will make it a requirement for its users to agree to its new privacy policy within the next month, or else lose access to the Mobile app.

Agreeing to the terms and conditions will mean that the user’s private data, including their phone number, will be accessible to Facebook, which is the owner of WhatsApp.

All users must agree to the new terms of the WhatsApp app by 8 February 2021. Otherwise, there will be no access to the Mobile app.

The update comes in the form of an in WhatsApp app notification. Which users can choose to ignore until the date arrives. 

One user warned about the new policy.

He said ‘This new WhatsApp privacy policy update is not very much acceptable and users should be worried about it.

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