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just smile in love

How Aikaan was a Stressed out Girl whose Love Story 2 was Just Shaky

Just Smile in love Episode 7

When Aikaan finally woke up she felt dizzy and lethargic. She was still a stressed-out girl and she was sad at heart but she was heading towards betterment. She woke up fresh after four days of a comma. She was better and asked her mother to bring her something to eat. She ate to her fill today and her mother felt relieved after many days of being under immense pressure. She felt light so did Aikaan. From deep Inside Aikaan was still stressed out.

Why are you so quiet Aikaan? (Her mother asked with sad eyes.) She could see that Ailan was a stressed out girl.

I have so many questions mum. I want to ask Adam a lot of things..

Betrayal has no reasons Aikaan. Her mother replied wiping her tears off. But we will file case against Adam

NO mum. Not atall. Aikaan answered stiffly.

I dont want to.

Okay relax.

Look who is here, Aunt Tasbeel entered in the room.

Tasbeel: Hello Aikaan. How are you?

Aikaan: I’m okay aunty. I’m feeling better now.. Aikaan was sad and everyone could hear that there’s no life in her voice today..( She was really a stressed-out girl and a lost soul .)

Aikaan let me tell you something, A confident woman like you doesn’t beg a man to stay, You can cry if you want to cry your heart out. You can take time for that, but you must know your value. When the person you were best friends with betrayed you and honestly speaking Adam was worse. He never wanted to marry you and he wasn’t even confused that if he wants. You fight for the person you love even if you have a lot of pressure even then you don’t let them go so easily. he never felt incomplete without you like you do.

Aikaan hugged her and cried her heart out for almost an hour.. She felt much better after aunt tasbeel’s words. She was a stressed-out girl but now she thought to change her self

Can we meetup? Faaris texted.

Aikaan finally replied with “Okay.”

Faaris couldn’t believe his eyes so he read that text twice, thrice many times. He couldn’t believe finally the love story that he has been sketching in his mind is starting. He thought that his love story Kahani finally started. He loved AiKan so much.

Faaris: 9am breakfast at the coffee shop?

Aikaan: “Okay.”

He was really happy after being so unhappy for many days..

You are beautiful in your own way. I will not miss this opportunity to say today that you are beautiful…. I don’t know if it makes you feel good or not. but I needed to speak my heart out today. I don’t know if you will ever see me again or if you will keep ignoring me like you have been ignoring me till now.

As soon as Aikaan entered the coffee shop and sat beside Faaris on the chair after saying hello and asking how she was, he just ejaculated all these words as he kept them for a very long time in his heart.

Aikaan felt nervous and confused. She was all red and faaris noticed.. without asking her he ordered pancakes and coffee. It was a cold January in Oakville which was about to end. They ate in silence and then faaris kept looking at Aikaan that she might say something but she didn’t. After more than twenty minutes faaris asked her what’s in her heart.

Faaris: Look, if you don’t like me you can tell me and you will not have to see me again then but if you are already here, what’s the point of not even talking to me?

Aikaan: I don’t and can’t easily trust people and it usually takes years to build. I don’t want you to keep waiting for someone who can’t even trust you completely.

Faaris: I know it’s hard to trust people these days and I’m not asking you to trust me right away..

Aikaan: it’s hard to trust someone when from your past you have just learned not to trust anyone..

Faaris: Past?

Aikaan: I don’t want to talk about it.

Faaris: Not everyone is the same.

Aikaan: Yes I’m finally learning that lesson.

Faaris: Can we be acquaintance at least for now?

Aikaan: we already are. Anyway I’m late i should go back home now.

Faaris: So should I expect your text now?

Aikaan: Will see. Take care and there she left the shop again..

You are my one true love story Kahani.. all of my days and all of my tomorrow’s belongs to you Aikaan. Faaris kept talking to Aikaan in his head. He was taking his parents to Aikaan’s place today. He was really very excited. He never thought that after few months he will be granted permission to visit Aikaan’s home officially with his parents. He was trying to look his best today. He wore his dress pants and shirt today. Wore a coat and styled his hair in the best possible shape he could. They were officially going to ask Aikaan’s hand for faaris. On the other hand, Aikaan’s parents were also really happy that at last, she came out of her depressing life and finally thought something good for herself. Everyone was happy today once again.

Aikaan saw Adam today at the spring festival of their town. It was May 15th when she saw him and already she felt so stressed out that she couldn’t even explain what was going on in her head. She wanted to run from there and she actually did. She started running back to her house when Adam stopped her.

We keep our loving family bonding alive and our relationship strong by doing simple things together, like family dinner and family home evening, and by just having fun together. We always try taking time out for each other and it is the key to harmony at home. We talk to each other and about each other every night at dinner time especially. Mrs. Maalik briefly told Faris’s family about their family bonding and tradition.
His mother nodded with a huge smile on her face.
Faaris kept looking at Aikaan and kept feeling thankful that how lucky is he to have Aikaan finally. Aikaan smiled back once at faaris as she was having many thoughts in her head. He wasn’t stressed out at all.

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