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The love lane

What will happen next To Areesha, Haseeb, Ali, Shanzey , Muaz, and Maana – Where’s the Love lane heading- Episode 12

The Love Lane-Love Tale

Ali: Okay so I can wait, I need to talk to her as soon as possible. Ali knew that he had to discuss his problem with someone even if it’s a statue. ( Ali’s love lane was rocky and had troubles in his love life, Shanzey could be his savior)

Ali was literally worried and wanted to have a meeting with that aunty who talked like a mother with him when he probably didn’t need him but now, it was the time he wanted to discuss his problem with anyone and wanted to cry hard.

Ali didn’t want to insist the girl but he had to insist her to get inside her home.

Shanzey : Please have a seat, also I don’t know when will she come.

Ali : It’s okay, I told you I can wait.

Shanzay stepped out of the room. She was offended by a stranger who was getting free. Shanzey was a medical college student. She was serious. Her father’s illness in his forties has made Areesha rude and strict.

Ali was constantly worried about Areesha, Ali knew that he has lost Areesha for a lifetime and this was not what he wanted. She was indeed a good friend and the best guide.

I should have accepted about her engagement instead of ruining her life, thought Ali.

The Love Lane-Love Tale

Areesha was relieved after knowing that Haseeb isn’t a typical guy who questions a girl’s character, she was getting vibes that she can handle him with love and care she decided to discuss the problem with Maana too but it seems that nothing was needed.

‘ I will convince Haseeb myself with my love ‘ thought Areesha.

She was quite relieved after talking with Haseeb otherwise Areesha was totally fed up with her life nowadays Ali had become her biggest mistake, although they were on good terms Areesha knew that she did wrong by hiding everything from Ali. Areesha realized that she should have taken her into confidence.

Haseeb : Hi, Areesha I want to meet you.

Areesha : You can come home, Mom was also asking about you.

Haseeb wanted to meet Areesha outside because he had to discuss the problem with her. This issue has made him sad, he stopped talking to friends and family. He was just smoking crazily.

Haseeb didn’t know he will love Areesha crazily, it was just the start of their relationship and he was invested in it do madly. He got sad after Ali did WhatsApp all the photographs to him. Probably, all he wanted to hear about Areesha were good things and something opposite happened. Haseeb was thankful to her mom too. Now he was determined that he will stand with Areesha through thick and thin but he needs her devoted love. Haseeb always thought about having a partner with whom he had a true love story. He was against faking the relationships.

Muaz: Maana, I am your brother Ali’s coursemate and college fellow as well I saw you a lot of times with your driver after that I saw you at your house when I came to meet Ali, he wasn’t home but I was awestruck by your beauty after that I decided to contact you because no girl has ever inspired me in life like you. I hope you will understand that I did this all in your love. This was what I wanted to share with you. I share a perfect friendship with Ali but currently what he has done to his friend Areesha was something that led me to contact you and meet you. I think you need to meet Areesha and ask about her current relationship status.

I listened to this whole conversation carefully and was thinking that this was what she wanted to share with Muaz. Maana was happy to know that Muaz was a keeper instead of a homewrecker and relationship wrecker.

Maana: Muaz, I came here to talk about this. I knew it all happened to Areesha and I was blaming myself I informed Ali about her engagement and he lost his calm. I was feeling guilty and wanted to solve this problem with you. I wanted to discuss this problem with you. I am so relieved that you also think like this, now it will be easy for us to convince Ali because you are his friend. Tell him that he has to change his mind now.

Muaz: Hope he will understand. I warmed him a lot. I even advised him to marry Areesha but every time, he refused it. He said, ” we are just good friends and there is nothing between us”.

Your brother has egoistic nature he wants to take revenge and can’t bear rejection. Muaz continued.

Maana was listening quietly, what else could she do other than that. She was very disappointed by Ali.

Muaz : Forget about everything and call Areesha. We will meet her and sort things out.

Maana: Okay.

The Love Lane-Love Tale

Safina : Oh Son since when are you waiting for me?

Ali: Well, aunty it’s been thirty five minutes now I have been waiting you.

Ali was already sipping tea which was served by house help.

Safina : I am sorry son, if you could have informed me I would have been home.

Ali: It’s okay aunty.

Safina : I waited for you son, you didn’t come.

Safina was an enthusiastic and energetic lady who despite having a beautiful and educated daughter, was searching for a match for her. She got interested in Ali right after knowing that he’s an Army captain because of her husband. It was true that despite her husband’s accident she had a comfortable life and she never had any financial and health problems because of his job followed by the pension.

Ali had no idea why the aunty was being good to him but it was a fact that Safina was generally a sweet person but was being extra sweet to Ali.

Ali: Aunty actually I was disturbed I have to discuss a problem with you, I have recently fought with one of my friends and we are on bad terms now. I don’t want to lose my friend. Suggest to me what should I do?

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