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Rich countries are stockpiling Corona Vaccines

A coalition of vaccine campaigners warn that rich countries are stockpiling corona vaccines and people in poor countries will not be able to benefit from them for long.

The People’s Vaccine Alliance says about 70 developing countries will be able to vaccinate one in 10 people in their population.

Despite this fact, Oxford-AstraZeneca has decided to give 64% of its vaccines to developing countries.

Measures are being taken to ensure the equitable distribution of vaccines around the world. The vaccine agreement, "Kovisk", will help distribute 700 million doses of the vaccine to 92 developing countries.

The People’s Vaccine Alliance is actually a network of several organizations, including Amnesty International, Oxfam, and Global Justice Now.

People’s vaccine alliance says “Even if this plan is tried, a reasonable amount of vaccine doses will not be available and pharmaceutical companies should share their technology so that more doses can be made available,”.

Their analysis found that if all vaccines were approved, rich countries would buy enough doses of the vaccine to inject three times their population. They claim that Canada, for example, has ordered so many vaccines that every Canadian a citizen can use them five times.

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