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Man stole camel to gift his girlfriend

Why Man Stole Camel for Girlfriend birthday gift

Have you ever considered giving a camel calf as a gift to someone? Today we are going to tell you about a citizen who stole a camel calf as a birthday present to his girlfriend. A Dubai man stole a baby camel to give to his girlfriend as a birthday present.

The owners of the camel calf have lodged a complaint with the Dubai Police alleging that the calf has disappeared from their farm, after which the police have launched a search.

The police searched for the camel calf but it failed and a few days later the man who stole the camel calf staged a drama because the camel calf was not being taken care of by him and his girlfriend.

Unbeknownst to him, the thief called the police and said he had found a baby camel 3km from the farm. When questioned by police, the man confessed to the crime and said he stole the camel and gave it to his girlfriend as a gift.

Created this drama to get back to the owner. Police arrest owners for robbing a camel calf and making false statements to a citizen and his girlfriend

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