Market-driven reforms in University of education:

Universities play an imperative role in equipping the young generation with modern knowledge and tech-savvy skills to serve society. This expectation and requirement of the skilled labor force can only be achieved once the University education courses are aligned with the market needs so they could easily be adjusted in the labor market and contribute positively towards the economy.

why skill is important

It is widely observed that there is a mismatch between the skills acquired by the students and the market demand. Therefore, the young graduates face difficulties in adjustment which leads to difficulties in securing a liable source of livelihood. These graduates neither able to fulfill the expectation of their families nor of society.

Society has a high level of expectations the Universities in terms of human capital value. They expect that higher education will provide transferable workplace skills to youth.

Students can only economically well-off if they have enough skills and attitude to survive in this competitive world. Therefore, Universities should focus on the courses that are in high demand in the job market.

The skillful graduates easily enter the job market where their skills are in high demand in a particular field. The high demand fields shall be made prominent in university education to enable young professionals to get jobs easily after graduation.

Apart from offering market-driven courses in the Universities, it is important to focus on the interpersonal skills of the students.

The career counseling sessions, offering short certifications, exposure to the industry through visits, and internships will value add to the competencies of the students.

These skills enable graduates to transfer their skills to the job place. Therefore, it is important that, universities should focus on the market-driven courses in the universities and ensure an enabling environment to develop the students holistically, so that they could be able to meet the economic needs of the society in their professional life.

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