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Is the COVID-19 vaccine available?

The world is desperately looking forward to having a COVID-19 vaccine, so it could avoid the greatest economic upsets since World War II. High-tech pharma companies with the support of the scientist are working day and night to develop an effective vaccine against the coronavirus, at a faster rate than the routine vaccine development process. Many of the companies claimed the breakthroughs and anticipated with concern regulatory authorities for the approval and launching of the vaccination program. 

Up to date, the following developed nations claimed the breakthroughs based on scientific evidence.

  1. Russia- developed and launched “Sputnik V” and will be used for the COVID-19 patients who are high risk. The effectiveness of the vaccine is reported as 95% with no side effects
  2. United Kingdom-UK approves Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the vaccination program at the mass level from the 2nd week of December. At the initial stage, 800,000 doses will be made available for the patients who are at high risk of COVID-19. 
  3. The USA- the approval of two vaccines i.e. Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are under consideration approval based on their effectiveness. 
  4. China-is working on three vaccine types, i.e. Sinovac, CNBG, and CasSino, and its scientific-based experiments and testing is in process. China is also quite optimistic about roll-out the vaccine very soon. 
  5. India- started the trial of a vaccine i.e. Covaxin in many states of the country. Based on the trial results, the covaxin is to be roll-out soon

Therefore, the sincere efforts of the scientists, have created a glimpse of hope to over the pandemic in near future. 

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