You are currently viewing Angelina Jolie’s Iranian lookalike in trouble

Angelina Jolie’s Iranian lookalike in trouble

An Iranian girl Fatemeh Khishvand username Sahar Tabar who got famous on Instagram after having surgeries to look like a Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie movies star has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for forgery.

Fatima Khushvand, a beautiful girl from Iran who underwent more than 50 plastic surgeries to become Angelina Jolie, has now been sentenced by a court to 10 years in prison for fraud.

The Iranian girl, who was arrested in October last year at the age of 22, has been charged with misleading the youth and influencing them in the wrong manner.

In this regard, Fatima Khushvand said, ” I have been acquitted in two of the four charges. I hope to be pardoned by the court on the other two charges and I will appeal against the sentence of 10 years imprisonment”.

The girl had admitted that she was not really like Hollywood actress Jolie movies star and also that she had been deceiving people with her photos through Photoshop.

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