You are currently viewing Xiaomi CEO confirms Xiaomi mobile Mi 11 retail box will not come

Xiaomi CEO confirms Xiaomi mobile Mi 11 retail box will not come

Mi 11 will not come with the charger, the CEO of Xiaomi Mobile Mi confirmed that the charger did not come with the phone.

Previously when Apple ditched the users by separately selling the headphones and chargers, the android users and marketers mocked Apple but now it seems that other androids are following the same path. Realme and Redmi already doesn’t give headphones with a box.

Now the charger will also be deducted from the box .

A few years ago, when Apple ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack, some Android phone makers were quick to mock the Cupertino-based tech giant’s decision, only to follow suit later on. Well, history is repeating itself

Apple launched the iPhone 12 lineup in October and removed the in-box charger and earphones citing environmental reasons. 

Xiaomi took a jab at Apple for not including the adapter with the box, but the company is following the footsteps of Apple as its CEO Lei Jun today confirmed that the Xiaomi Mobile Mi 11 arriving on December 28 will not have a charger in the retail package.

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