North Korea Claims to Have Most Powerful weapon

North Korean ballistic missile

North Korea Claims to Have Most Powerful weapon

  • January 15, 2021

North Korea has unveiled its new ballistic missile, which it calls the world’s most powerful weapon. According to foreign media, a parade was held in North Korea on Thursday night in which it unveiled its new ballistic missile fired from a submarine. According to media reports, North Korean president Kim Jong Un acknowledged the failure of his economic policies a few days ago, but he is still determined to lead the country’s military. President of North Korea Kim Jong Un also attended the parade and was overjoyed at the launch of the missile. North Korea’s media has called it the world’s most powerful weapon.

North Korea’s local media quoted the missile as saying that the inclusion of the world’s most powerful weapon. The submarine launch ballistic missile, in North Korea’s arsenal, was a sign of a very powerful increase in military power. A photo of the missile released by North Korean local media shows the missile labeled Pukguksong-5, an upgraded version of one of the Pukguksong-4s introduced at a major North Korean military parade in October last year.

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