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Joe Biden Current President US – Important Decisions

US President Joe Biden signed 17 decrees as soon as he took office. According to the foreign news agency, as soon as he took office, Joe Biden ordered the withdrawal of several decisions of the former President Trump era, including a bill to lift the immigration ban on citizens of some Muslim-majority countries in the United States.

The US president's orders will protect young immigrants and stop the construction of a wall on the Mexican border.

The US president has revived the Paris Agreement on climate change, while also signing a bill making masks mandatory on all federal property. President Joe Biden also called for a ban on masks in all federal offices to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic.

It is to be notified that yesterday, Biden Harris has taken the oath and joined his office as official US President. Joe Biden has taken these important decisions right after joining office. Despite that, he already announced many other reliefs to the US citizens. It happened after the decades that the US public didn’t elect the previous President for the second term due to his policies.

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