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How celebrities thinking about New Year from Fear to Hope

The year 2020 to the new year 2021, from Fear to Hope, how people and celebrities thinking about New Year. How are they looking in 2021?

The year 2020 was different yet hard. A totally uncalled for, disaster hit the world in the form of Corona. Well, it was uncalled for, from our side but was very much in the plan of the creator because the year came to teach us to cope in difficult situations like hopelessness, fear, hope, and managing into fewer resources.

The same happened to us, what amazing thing happened to us this year was, we somehow survived by the grace of Allah. Now, looking into 2021 with hope.

This year we have seen another different side of people and most of the celebrities. Yes, Charity, a lot of actors and celebrities did charity wholeheartedly.

Most of the celebrities and people are now hoping for the new year to be good, they are praying from Allah too.

A lot of actors have posted their new year resolutions. Some showed readiness towards 2021, some preached to be less loud and more caring. Some actors prayed for the new year. Well, we all need to teach ourselves kindness, compassion, and empathy.

Well we also pray the world to be a better , peaceful and disease free zone .

Here are the pictures of our actors welcoming the new year.

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