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Gilgit Baltistan Beautiful Places in the Autumn season

Towards Gilgit Baltistan, not only lofty mountains are ready to welcome but the river bank also travels side by side. The Karakorum high way which passes through the Karakorum mountain range is the single way to reach Gilgit-Baltistan.  Real beauty is natural. Tourists find natural beauty in bulk that is the reason thousand plus National and international tourists and traversals moved on this highway in the search of spontaneous landscape and alluring views.

Every piece of land in Gilgit Baltistan is incomparable. GB is enriched with mesmerizing green valleys, lakes with clear and crystal water, glaciers, and historical places. Hunza, Ghizer, Skardu, Ghanche, and Astore are covered with numerous eye-catching locations.

Hunza valley is famous for Baltit Fort, Altit fort, Borith lake, attained lake, Hussain bridge, and Khunjarab top (Pak China border). A Touristsfovorite place in Ghizer includes beautiful Phandervalley, Khalti Lake, and Karambar lake. Astore is the most attractive area to visit.  Nanga Parbat base camp, Rama lake Allah wali lake, Domail, parishing valley Tarushing valley, and Minimargare most beautiful sites. The vast and largest area of Skardu containsManthokaaabshar, Bashoo valley sultana bad, Shangrila Sadparalake, and Shiger fort. The oldest Chachchan masjid and big ancient Khapulo fort are situated in Ghanche.

Though each spot of Gilgit Baltistan is full of natural beauty but there is a list of some best places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan.

Baltit Fort Hunza

The 700 years old Baltit fort is situated in Karimabad Hunza surrounded by popular mountains Rakaposhi, Golden peak, and Lady Finger. An ancient fort was the residence of the rulers of Hunza (Mir of Hunza) since 1945. The last Mir/Ruler of Hunza Mir Muhammad Jamal Khan shifted to another grand building. The Aga Khan Trust for Culture has restored this historic fort. This historic palace is now a museum and cultural point run by Baltit Heritage trust. The purpose of the renovation is to preserve ethnicity and culture. The wood and stone construction with mud plaster is a three-story building.


Alit Fort Hunza

Aliti Fort is considered the oldest monument in Gilgit Baltistan. It is around 1100 years old fort is situated in Alit town of Hunza valley. The matchless fort is over 1,000 feet above the Hunza River. The high tower of a fort named the Shikari tower was built tactically used to monitor the entire valley and kept eyes on enemies during wartime.  The mesmerizing view of Hunza valley and Hunza River from the top of Altit Fort is peerless. Visitors got astonished after visiting this historic inheritance. The ticket price for entrance in Altit fort is 500 rupees. Kha basis is the most beautiful and scenic garden on the premises of Altit Fort.

Alit Fort Hunza
Alit Fort Hunza

Atta Abad Lake

The huge land sliding in upper Hunza Gojal created Atta bad lake on 4 January 2010. Unfortunately, 20 people died in this land sliding. It blocked the Hunza River for five months. At Attaabad Lake the five tunnels on the Karakorum highway covered the distance of 7kkms of the damaged road of Karakorum highway.

 Now Atta Abad Lake is the most visited site and picnic point in Gilgit Baltistan. The blue crystal water between high mountains with crisscross shape and amazing tunnels will be only found in Atta Abad Lake. The tourists enjoy boating here. The luxurious Hotels are available to facilitate the visitors.

Atta-Abad-Lake Hunza

Phander valley

The charming and picturesque valley of Phander is situated in Gupis Ghizer. It takes 4 hours from Gilgit city to Phander valley. The tourists appeal to visit here because of its stunning views and green land and blue water. The Gilgit River is running in the middle and divides into different pieces at the entrance. Lastly, it merges as it exits from the valley.  In this charismatic place, there are four lakes. Phander Lake is the largest of them. The hiking track gives opportunity in this location to hill walk near beautiful Phander lake. 

Phander valley
Phander valley

Deosai National Park

The lush green plain of Deosai National Park is located between Skardu and Astore district in Gilgit Baltistan. This is the most beautiful place in Pakistan. Deosai National Park was established in 1993. The aim is to look after and survival of the Himalayan brown bear and its habitat. The black, white, and brown horses on the blossoming plain, view another level of beauty in summers. Deosai national park is the residence of the Siberian Ibex, Himalayan marmot, Snow leopard, and many other birds. The larges river Bara Pani crosses the park. It is popular for plants and colorful flowers. Especially in spring parks covered by pink, purple, and blue wildflower. You can see the variety of butterflies around Deosai Park.

Deosai National Park

Sheosar Lake

 An alpine lake located in Deosai National Park at the height of 41,142 is named Sheoser Lake. The unique flow of clean water of the lake and green floor with colorful wildflowers on the beach of the lake is magnificent. 

Sheosar Lake
Sheosar Lake

Domail valley

Domail valley is located in Minimarg Astore. It is a truly amazing place with bundles of natural splendid sites. Domail Rainbow Lake

 Rainbow Lake is sited in Domail valley. Domail Rainbow Lake is one of the stunning lakes of Gilgit Baltistan with wild open spots roofed with thriving green land. This is a piece of heaven on the earth. The pictures and reviews cannot justices to this eye-catching place. It takes long hours to reach this place but it is sure that no one wants to back from this land. You don’t need to bring the mirror to you can see yourself in Crystal Lake which is situated beside the rainbow lake. Here Visitors will also find the small beautiful restaurant. 

Domail valley Astore

 ALLAH Wali Lake

 At the 45 minutes drive from the Astore in the perishing valley, you will discover the ALLAH Wali jheel. It is one of the ancient visiting sites in Astore valley. The most popular and famous thing is the name of ALLAH written by the river water because river’s water passes through a huge path surrounded by green land. The zigzag passages of water look like the name of ALLAH from the height.

ALLAH Wali Jheel
ALLAH Wali Lake Astore

Basho Valley

Basho valley was a relatively undiscovered area in Skardu. But now the number of tourists visited here. The distance between basho valley is about one and half hour drive from the main city Skardu. The Sultanabad is the most beautiful village site of Basho. You will also find a single guest house in Sultana Abad. The evergreen, cloudy sky, the mountain top covered with snow, peaceful flow of water of the river, gushing and gargling forest scenes are screening and presenting the miracle of nature.   

Basho-Valley Skardu

Shigar Fort

Shiger fort is located in the town of Baltistan Shiger. The Dynasty of Shiger Raja Amacha built this fort in the 17 century. This is one of the oldest forts in the Baltistan region. The Aga khan Cultural services Pakistan has restored it. This fort is now a museum and comfortable hotel in Shiger. It is administrated under Serene Hotels. The popular Pakistani Drama Diyar E Dil has been shot in Shiger fort.


 Khaplu Fort

The Kaplu Fort found to be in Ghanze Distric of Baltistan. It was built by Royal (RAJA) named yabgo Raja Daulat Ali khan. It is big and consists of two portions, one of the optimum existing models of royal abode in Gilgit Baltistan. The 50 hundred years old chaqchan Mosque is 13 minutes walking from Kaplu fort. Like Shiger fort Khaplu Fort is also run by Serene Hotels and has the best accommodation for guests.


Written by Anila Shaheen

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